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The platform/products you were using: easy-forex web trading. Soon after the open GBP/USD broke under its pivot level so I sold the currency pair for an average price.53076.5. It then pulled back but failed to break any major support. Some of the interesting new features: Monthly/weekly/quarterly tracker, Moving average option to Equity history chart, Editable spread type column in position views, Tag based custom position assignment. Using the easy-forex webtrader I was able to freeze this rate for several seconds before initiating the trade. Keeping a journal helps you understand your motivations, and become a better trader. Easy-forex webtrader, some rules for the week, since 200 is not a very large amount of capital to trade with I decided on some rules to keep my overall trading restricted and extend the chance of success. There are several important indicators in your trading like profit and loss, timing and. When trading currencies, my preference is to find the strongest performers and attempt to join the trend at breakouts or short-term pullbacks. There is new and more user friendly windows handling. I closed the trade out around four hours later for a profit.85. In turn, it makes you a much more successful trader.

Forex Trade Diary

On the other hand this means that if you have several trades in a row these trades will be assigned into one position. I bought the currency back a couple of hours later.526980 for a profit.72. By doing so, I would hold trades for longer and give trades time to develop into winning trades. The first thing I did was to set up my account on easy-forex and then applied for the 100100 bonus. Review your trading practice. You can write down your feelings into a document or add screenshots to a position. At forex trade diary the same time, I thought German stocks would benefit from stronger economic reports so went long DAX at a rate 11,735. User, i'm very pleased with the product. Source: Forex Trade Diary, won't your trader friends like this? This means that the software runs on 4K screens without scaling issues. It is possible How to solve typical Interactive Brokers import issues 2016. The post, forex Trade Diary appeared first.

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I closed the forex trade diary trade out several hours later for.35 loss (as markets were winding down). On Monday 25th May, most developed markets were closed due to a public holiday in the UK, Germany, and the United States. The currency was in a strong upward trend and above all of its key moving averages. Are you an active trader who makes a number of decisions and runs a number of trades each day? Control yourself, get acquainted with your habits! Upon accepting the challenge, easy-forex set me up with a live account with 200 in capital. I was rewarded when eurgbp broke out on the hourly chart so I went long at a rate.71007 and closed the trade roughly fours hour later for a profit.85. The process was quick and by Monday 25th May I was ready to start trading.

Happy Clients, amazing Trading Journal Tool! It really is the best out there, for all the detail. The first trade stopped out for a forex trade diary loss.28. Whilst this trade was in duration I also took a short-term opportunity in the S P 500. As a result, many markets were closed and no trades were made. Lets assume there are five trades. If you have ever made a trading decision in a moment of excitement and you were sure you were making the best deal only to discover it was a huge mistake, then you will like TradingDiary Pro because it helps you to recognize these moments. The trade eventually closed out for a 9 profit. Monitor your decision making patterns and control your emotions. Tuesday 26 May, after reading some research that shows European stock markets often climb higher whenever there is a US holiday due to lack of news items and institutional traders across the pond I decided that there might. Thursday P/L:.56, friday 29 May, i was watching the technical levels in GBP/USD on Friday morning and noticed the currency was weak in early trading.

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Buy TradingDiary Pro, activate the trial version and become a better trader! TradingDiary Pro will be your coach in your quest to develop a winning strategy and become a better trader. Please note that the software periodically communicates with the license servers to validate your trial. The online journals are fine for top level stats, but good to have my all my accounts in one place with one set of data and information. This is too high for my liking so I only used the lowest risk sizes available. Second, I decided that I would trade using the minimum lot size so as to keep risk to a minimum. Its a very difficult to trade popular products successfully, especially with a small account. Since forex trade diary commodities and currencies exhibit trending characteristics I looked for an opportunity to go long. Develop a winning strategy! A diary can improve your performance far more than you might ever have imagined. Whats new in version.2?

More than 40 new skins have been added Layout save and restore. Then TradingDiary Pro will help you to easily record and retrieve past and present performance statistics. I bought.02 lots of NDQ at 4544.50, however, the trade rarely saw forex trade diary a profit and came close to hitting my stop loss. Getting familiar with your habits is essential to success. 200 is not a huge amount to trade with so I decided a couple of rules were needed in order to have the most chance of success. Total Week P/L:.25 The Following Week I have decided to keep the account active and will continue to document the progress of the 200 account and see if I can get the fund up to a larger amount. Why is it essential? The clear visual charts will help you to understand the true human nature of trading, avoid repeatedly making the same mistake, and control your behavior. One of them is the price action during the trade. Total Week P/L:.25. At roughly the same time, I decided to enter a long position in Germanys DAX at a rate of 11,735.

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Following the loose monetary stance from the ECB I was expecting good economic reports out of Germany and I felt that would be bullish for the currency. Shortly before the open of the US session, usdjpy broke out past 123. Have you ever reviewed a past trade and wondered what happened? Thursday 28 May, thursday morning I decided to watch the EUR/GBP currency pair which had shown expansive price movement throughout the previous day. I bought.02 lots of SPI at a price of 2,104.75. Tuesday P/L: -18.28, wednesday 27 May, on Wednesday I continued to monitor my USD/JPY trade which I had initiated the day prior. Once again, German volatility was against me and I closed the trade for.69 loss. New features Last step of full High DPI support. Check out the features! Early in the week, some profitable trades were made in GBP/USD and AUD/USD, however they were balanced out by some losing trades in EUR/GBP and gold.

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Whats new in version.1? The trade moved higher so I brought my stop loss up in order to manage risk. Simply download the latest version from the Software page and after installation follow the initial wizard or click on the help/start trial menu. The first buy is sold first. DON'T miss this Get the rules to a free trend following strategy that made 700: Leave this field empty if you're human. During that time, the easy-forex platform was intuitive, responsive and reliable. First name: Brian, country of residence: A, years of trading experience: 2 3 years.