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Writing Jobs #45 CyberEdit, Inc. . 20 best work-from- home jobs, virtual assistant, medical transcriptionist Translator/interpreter Web developer/designer Call center representative Tech support specialist Travel agent Teacher/tutor Writer/editor Franchise owner Social media manager Child care provider Graphic designer Short-term rental host Website tester Licensed insurance representative Bookkeeping. The pay is 5 for a completed call with a short feedback form. #39 Book in a Box This company has virtual posts for various positions that pay 20 per hour. More than 400 organizations rely on Liveops to provide reliable customer service, and the company is known to frequently offer work-from- home positions. 50 Legit Work from Home Jobs That Pay 16 Per Hour (or More) was last modified: May 10th, 2019 by Lashay Tagged: 16 dream home based work Freelance novideo remote telecommute Work at Home work from home work from home jobs. Companies these days are expanding their office boundaries to incorporate the idea of working from home.

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Worldwide101 You will be working as a virtual assistant with Worldwide101. Afirm Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., Afirm serves insurance companies by providing risk mitigation, loss control and audit services. Vayable You can work as a tour guide with Vayable. Social media specialist Its becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a presence on social media. Just like most transcription companies, you must pass the skill test before accessing audio assignments. #7 Contract world is a US recruitment company for businesses such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Shopping Network and more. The great thing about this job is flexibility. Teletech This well-known work-at- home company offers virtual call center jobs, and Teletech hires in the US and. The pay is around 7 to 15 an hour. M*Modal They offer medical transcription and virtual medical scribie jobs online.

The pay differs from country to country, ranging between 12-19 per legitimately good paying jobs working from home hour according to Glassdoor. Dell Located just outside of Austin, Texas, in the city of Round Rock, tech company Dell offers a number of full-time positions that allow you to work from home. Vipdesk You will be working as an online customer service rep answering customer questions through phone, chat, and email. Tired of finding work from home jobs that pay minimum wage? 27/40 Cineberg /. Williams Sonoma If you love home -based customer services jobs, then apply to this company. You need to have a minimum typing speed of 60wpm, and they employ only in the. Cigna This global health services company has more than 40,000 employees and more than 95 million customers of its health insurance plans and products. Employees get roughly 20 per hour pay equivalent to 85k monthly salary.

Franchise owner Owning a business can be the ticket to working from home. Speechpad Speechpad hires transcribers from all over the world. Kirkus Media This company has occasional book reviewing and editing opportunities. Social Media Jobs #42 Buffer is a corporation offering web-based social media administration solutions. Terescription This company hires transcribers online for production studios. The pay is around 10-14 per hour. Every week, I provide a lot of home -based opportunities, video tutorials, and job leads. The 10 employers above are just a tiny sampling of the many great companies looking to hire at- home workers. The pay is between.70.25 per audio minute. The BLS does not have wage data for this slice of the gig economy. Durst suggests watching for these positive indicators of real work-from- home employment: The hirer is an established company. You do have to pay 5 to keep your resume on file. Contractors are required to work at least twenty hours a week.

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Sutherland Sutherland is another leading work-at- home organization hiring for positions like customer service, sales, and technical support. Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific is a biotechnology product development company with about 65,000 employees around the world. Working Solutions This company hires virtual call center agents from the US and around the world. You need to apply online and take a transcription test to get hired. Please leave a comment below!

UnitedHealth Group UnitedHealth Group is a well-known healthcare company comprised of two businesses: United Healthcare and Optum. Magellan Health Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., Magellan Health works with health plans, employers, Medicaid, Medicare and the federal government to provide managed care, behavioral healthcare and pharmacy management. U-Haul This company offers call center jobs that are related to making reservations and customer service. Timeetc You will be working as a virtual assistant with Timeetc handling admin, emails, appointment setting and other tasks. The contact centers then have to hire or contract with licensed insurance reps because state laws mandate that only licensed agents can sell policies, says legitimately good paying jobs working from home Durst. Market Research, participating in market research with companies like. Go, sign up now! Its been named by Forbes magazine as one of Americas best employers. You can learn more about proofreading in this free workshop. Median annual wage: 35,250.

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Open a New Bank Account 15/40 Working Solutions. BCD Travel Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, BCD Travel helps make corporate travel more cost-effective and streamlined for companies. Yardimatrix You can comfortably work at home as a rent surveyor for this company. So, if you see an ad on TV for XYZ Life Insurance. This job site has been rated by the Better Business Bureau with. Companies want to make sure that the user experience is a good one and the boardroom is not always the best place to get unbiased feedback, says Durst.

Payment is usually 20 per hour made using legitimately good paying jobs working from home PayPal. Anthem also has had listings for remote and telecommute positions such as business improvement consultant, account and program director and marketing director. It does offer some work-at- home opportunities. TranscribeMe pays weekly via PayPal for every completed order. Many customer service reps work for retail stores, banks and credit agencies. For example, opening a McDonalds restaurant could cost you up.2 million. Its programs are geared toward military families, home -schooled children, athletes and traveling entertainers. Median annual wage: 48,290 Avoid work-from-home job scams When considering a work-from- home job, put up the scam-detection radar. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Liveops serves the high-tech, financial, retail, healthcare, and insurance business sectors. The study cites numerous other benefits of telecommuting, such as less stress, increased productivity, less exposure to office colds and flus, and the positive environmental impact of fewer commuters. Their pay depends on the kind of client you are assigned to work with, but usually, ranges from 10-20 per hour. The BLS wage information is based on the old business model, Ogg says.

Scammers will try to steal your identity and/or money by getting personal information that any new hire would be expected to provide an employer, such as a Social Security number and bank account routing number. #18 Lionbridge Read review hires independent contractors to assess search engines with a weekly pay of 13-16 per hour. The pay is around 9 per hour in the. Pay is 10 to 35 per hour depending on the task. AbbVie, based in Chicago, Illinois, AbbVie is a biopharmaceutical company that manufactures and markets therapies and pharmaceuticals created to treat illnesses and various medical conditions. Contena If you are looking for freelance writing gigs, then Contena can give you loads of opportunities. Call Center QA Work as a telephone mystery shopper for this company.

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WorldLingo If you are bilingual, legitimately good paying jobs working from home then you can try applying for this translation company. Disclaimer: Some images used are representational. K12 Based in Herndon,., K12 provides online educational programs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Voicelog You can work as a live operator or verification agent with Voicelog. UberEats Another reliable way to earn money from home with food delivery. AbbVie develops products designed to fight serious illnesses like cancer, immunological disorders, womens health issues, and chronic neurological conditions. It offers work-at- home case manager positions that require some travel. Amazon work from home jobs are very legitimate and are good part time work options. Some of the companys top earners get 1000 per month.