bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit

Bitcoin is a thin market. Also expect the account opening to last at least 3-4 week if everything goes well. Its forex place trading with spread betting actually the beginning. Go to Aoste, get residency and you could be taxed a 100k/year for 10years. Even if it was USD. Do you really want that for your kids? Its just my 2cts, and its your money. I have been telling my auditors and compliance officers they have the best tool at their disposal to lead a proper investigation. In any cases traders at exchange are easy cases to corroborate since their whole track record is potentially available. Dat files with block mining transactions from 2011 thereafter.

Bitcoin Billionaire - Reddit

Only after getting a deep understanding of the market will they issue a global fintech license in 2019. Have you "cashed out" significantly, or is most of your wealth still in bitcoin? If you do not have a contract (which is common since all advertising deals are about ticking a check box on the website to accept terms and conditions there are ways around that. Be tax free US tricks Some Private banks in Geneva do have the license to manage the assets of US persons and.S citizens. The attitude of banks around crypto is changing slowly, but it is still a tough stance. At the end of the day, what matters for Swiss Banks are the beneficial owner and the settlor. I already feel a bit uncomfortable with all the info I have provided. Are you living a life of leisure? If you were given bitcoin against a service you charged, show me an invoice. They will be more suspicious than if you were introduced by someone and wont hesitate to show you high fees and load your portfolio with in-house products that earn more money to the banks than to you. Attractive cantons for the lump sum taxation are Zug, Vaud, Valais, Grisons, Lucerne and Berne. The cash out itself* So you have accumulated patiently a good amount of wealth. And for this price you should get the full package: execution/monitoring of the trades AND onboarding in a private bank.

This is absolutely fine. I am coming back to you with a follow up post, as I have helped many people cash out this year and bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit I have streamlined the process. The IRS and fatca require to file fbar if an offshore account is open. Trust tricks Generally speaking I do not accept fringe fiscal situation because it puts me in a difficult situation to the banks I work with, and it is already difficult enough to defend a legit crypto case. I am a bitcoin newbie with.01 BTC to my name. The race to cash out crypto billionaire and the concept of late exiter. I am a crypto enthusiast myself, and I do think this tech is here to stay and will change the world. A breakfast at Monte Carlo Bay hotel is 70 EUR. Besides, being a crypto millionaire is not a guarantee you will get institutional daily withdrawal limits at exchange.

I often get requests from crypto guys who are very privacy-oriented, and it takes me months to have them understand that I am bound by Swiss law on banking secrecy, and I am their ally in this onboarding process. The reason is that Switzerland has thrived for centuries on banking secrecy, and today with fatca and exchange of fiscal info with EU, banking secrecy is dead. There is no way you screw up your wealth by cashing out in a hurry or with low security standards. Banks will have to adapt big time. Full cash out or partial cash out? You can't just open an account overnight. Swiss private banks makes it easy for you to keep a good your relation with your retail bank and continue paying your bills without headaches. Last week I met the first crypto millionaire I know who first bough bitcoin over 1000.

bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit

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Thats just common sense. They let the business get organized and operate their analysis on a case per case basis. Here is how the cash out takes should place. I will run forensic services like elliptic, chainalysis, or scorechain on an extract of your wallet. It is good to show an invoice, it is better to show a contract. Trust might be a way to optimize your fiscal situation.

bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit

I will make sure compliance officers understand what it means, and as for the early adopter, you can prove your control over these wallet through a microtransaction. These two aspects must be documented in-depth. You may have thought all along this was a bad feature, but I am telling you, if you want to cash out, in the context of Private Banking onboarding, tracking your wealth through the block explorer is a boon. Accessing the institutional OTC market is not easy, and that is also the reason why you should ask a regulated financial intermediary if we are talking about huge amounts. I hope this extensive guide has helped some of you. I mean no way you got out of crypto to have your funds confiscated at the next financial crisis!

bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit

My job is to explain that to the banks in a language they understand. For instance with me, an old bitcointalk account can serve as a proof of early adoption. Cash out partially, because it does not make sense to cash out in full, regret it and want back. I mean you eventually made. This is a paradox I have a hard time to explain and I think it is mainly due to the fact that most are distrustful towards banks and financial markets in general. I do mean uhni because if you dont cash out minimum 30m its not interesting. Again I am not judging. Sorry guys but with all the respect I have for r/wallstreebet, AMD and yolo stock picking, some discipline is necessary. Get a legal opinion, get it done, and when you eventually knock at a private banks door, dont say it was for fiscal avoidance you stupid! I had a few cases as such of shops bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit holders, who made it to the multi million mark holding and had invoices or receipts to proof the transactions. However fbar is a reporting requirement and does not have taxes related to holding an account outside the.

An extensive guide for cashing out bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Monaco is sunny but sometimes it feels like a golden jail. There are ways around that, and I could refer you to good tax specialists for fiscal optimization, but I cannot organize it myself. Each new crypto millionaire has a different story. The bank is ok to let you open an account, provided that bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit your kyc and compliance file are validated, but they will also want you to become a client and leave some money there to invest. Really rich thanks to Bitcoin.

It is another way but just as efficient. People who have been sitting on crypto for long have grown an emotional and irrational link with their coins. In my opinion over 30 of the coins are lost in translation forever. So lets get started. If you are organized enough to keep a record for these trades and are willing to cooperate for the documentation, you are making your life easy. Many clients who have sold their crypto also have a cash-out blues in the first few months. Despite all my contacts it was very difficult back in the days.

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Well, some shop actually did accept payment and held. Cashing out ICOs Private companies or foundations who have ran an ICO generally have a very hard time opening a bank account. If you want to cash out, you should sell enough to be bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit comfortable and have some left. Not impossible but difficult. Some of our ultra high net worth clients got stuck with capital controls. EU tricks Swiss lump sum taxation Foreign nationals resident in Switzerland can be taxed on a lump-sum basis if they are not gainfully employed in our country. Things have started to change already; they understand the threat is real. When the money eventually hits your account, it is actually available and not frozen. You cant ask them to facilitate your cash out, buy a 1m apartment with the proceeds of the sale, and not leave anything on your current account. I dont blame bitcoin cash supporters; I once shared this dream as well.

The fees for cashing out through a regulated bitcoin billionaire strategy reddit financial intermediary to help you with your cash out should be around 1-2 flat on the nominal, not more. They come to me and say, look, I have 50m in crypto but I would like to cash out 500k only. You also need a proof of residence. If you bought your stack during your journey in Japan 5 years ago to a guy you never met again; or if you accumulated on m/ and kept no record or lost your account, it is going to be difficult. The taxes would be the same if the account was in the. The few banks that accept such projects would generally look at 4 criteria: *Seriousness of the project Extensive study of the whitepaper to limit the reputation risk *AML of the onboarding process ICOs.0 have no chance basically.

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Most early miners never took screenshot of the blocks on bitcoin core, nor did they note down the block number of each block they mined. I am not encouraging this. You have to be patient, be careful not to wipe out the order book and place limit orders, monitor the market intraday for spikes or opportunities. And read the disclaimer again. If you are asked more, you are being abused. We are witnessing a redistribution of wealth at a global scale. I'm not talking about gaining just a few hundred or a few thousand USD, but hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars. We will try to build a case with everything else we have, and I may be able to onboard you. You will get the door smashed upon you. The market is bullish. At big levels, for a large cash out that may take weeks, these kind of details will save you hundred thousands of dollars. However, let me tell you its is not because you made it so big that you should think you are a genius and know everything better than anyone. What is required to open an account in a Private bank when you made your fortune through crypto.

I have a solid background in both banking and in crypto so I manage to make the bridge, but yeah sometimes it is tough to reconcile the two worlds. However I am risking a lot here so I need to be 100 confident you are legit, before I defend you. Everything is expensive in Monaco. Sometimes, even though its not my job, I had to do some psychological support. What about you contribute to make the world a better place now? Not many people were structured enough to store and secure these coins, avoid malwares while syncing the blockchain continuously, let alone document the mined blocks in the process. The real question is how you prove your wealth is legit. I am a crypto enthusiast myself and I can say that after years of work in the banking industry I have grown disillusioned towards banks as well, like many of you. Fiscal conformity Did the company informed the authorities and seek a fiscal ruling. The OTC buyer and the libertarian. The black market, sorry guys, I cant do much for you officially. I am around if you need more details.