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Business North Carolina Patient Pick's Award #5 in Business North Carolina Top 25 Hospitals. Creating A Culture of Excellence. "I became a dog walker for flexibility. Hourly rates hover around 30 an hour for a pet sitter. You will be supported to pursue your goals and enjoy a lovely family type setting.

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Inside Jobs, 16,000 is the average starting salary. Advance your career with CarolinaEast Health System. Plus, you might study plants as well as animals. Check out these 17 wild job descriptions - and expected salaries - to see if a career switch is in your future. Starting salaries depend on schooling. "I spent 17 years on Wall Street. 3) Veterinary Assistant, they assist veterinarians with kennel work, exercising the animals and clinical duties. Emergency response to oil spills, hurricanes and other disasters is common. 14) Dog or Cat Breeder Love a particular breed?

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Carechex Top 100 in the Nation for Medical Excellence in Vascular Surgery. Average pay is 51,000, according to PayScale, but it could be much higher depending on your education and training. Awards, american College of Cardiology action Registry Platinum Performance Achievement Award. 7) Pet Adoption Counselor, these detail-oriented, working from home art jobs empathetic professionals facilitate pet adoptions and spend as much time on office work as they do with animals. It allows me time to pursue my art career says Josephine Bentivegna, who created a client overflow in just three years. 13) Animal Cruelty Investigator These highly trained professionals investigate animal abuse, protect and save animals and procure justice. Zoo vets spend their time tending to animals at - you guessed it - the zoo.

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Now, I'm my own boss, getting fresh air instead of sitting behind a desk he says. Starting salary, according to m, is 20,000. To us, New Bern is more than one of the most historical cities in the nation its our home. Check out these 17 wild job descriptions - and expected salaries - to see if a career switch is in your future. Veterinarian may be the first thing that comes to mind, but all kinds of opportunities exist for furry-friend lovers looking for interesting jobs. Wie ein Markt seinen jeweiligen Zustand ändert, ist ungewiss. This allows you to multiply your gains (and losses as well).