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AS11023 syssrc - System Source AS11024 anet-03 - anet Internet Solutions, Inc AS11025 time-warner-cable - Time Warner Cable Houston AS11026 aads-ANX - Ameritech Advanced Data Services AS11027 kemper-insurance - Kemper Insurance Companies AS11028 setiathome - setiathome AS11029 BMT999. Army/Army Central Command (arcent) AS4340 staccs-A1-24 - Third.S. Information Technology Services AS12054 alamedacountydataprocessing - Alameda County AS12055 clearbearing-00 - Clearbearing Inc. Autonomous system AS8389 stvoice Sabanci Telekom.S. AS6243 inet-america - Internet America, Inc. AS3424 saturn - Allied-Signal Aerospace Company AS3425 esnet-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3426 esnet-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3427 esnet-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3428 esnet-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3429 esnet-AS - Energy Sciences Network AS3430 esnet-AS - Energy.

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AS4600 UO-transit - Univeristy of Oregon AS4601 pagesat - Network Wizards AS4602 navo - DoD Network Information Center AS4603 quanta - Quanta Computer Inc. AS13827 wpni-AS - wsweek Interactive Company, LLC AS13828 I2K - Internet 2000, Inc. AS3701 neronet - Oregon Joint Graduate Schools of Engineering AS3702 icsi-NET - Internet Connect Services, Inc. AS6078 jersey - InterActive Network Services AS6079 RCN-AS - RCN Corporation AS6080 linknet-LA - Linknet Internet Services AS6081 aisnet - American Information Systems, Inc. AS4625 unspecified Hong Kong AS4626 unspecified telecommunication equipment communication services AS4627 unspecified ABC NET Ltd AS4628 ASN-pacific-internet-IX Pacific Internet Ltd AS4629 ASN-pacific-internet-IX2 Pacific Internet Ltd AS4630 unspecified Internet Access HK Ltd. AS10644 alliedsignal-AA - AlliedSignal Automotive Aftermarket AS10645 appliedinnovations - Applied Innovations, Inc. AS6584 GPS-AS - Great Plains Software AS6585 aimtech - Aimtech Corp AS6586 webcentric - WebCentric Communications, ea forex terbaik malaysia Inc.

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AS7889 full-eclipse - Full Eclipse, Inc. AS13540 safeco - safeco Corp. AS11128 berry-2-ASN - Berry College AS11129 vente-omaha - Vente Inc. AS813 uunet-canada - MCI Communications Services, Inc. Technology Services AS261 FR-cines-montpellier FR AS262 ntta-262 - NTT America, Inc. AS4928 vais - Virginia Internet Services AS4929 benchmark - Benchmark Communications AS4930 DMG1 - Digital Management Group AS4931 intersrv2 - Internet Services of Central Florida AS4932 I3 - I3 Inc AS4933 logical3 - Logical Net Corporation AS4934 lanier-WW - Lanier. AS5694 unified-NET - Blue Cross Blue Shield Association AS5695 mailroom-NT - Allen Bradley Inc. AS1269 iunet2-AS Italian unix Network (iunet) AS1270 uunet-DE uunet Germany AS1271 experimental gaip/DE AS1272 Universitaet Konstanz AS1273 CW Cable Wireless AS1274 FhG Institutszentrum Birlinghoven AS1275 DFN-bwin-IP DFN-IP service and DFN customer networks AS1276 DSI-WR-18 - Advanced Technology Services AS1278 unioncarbide-AS.

AS280 ntta-280 - NTT America, Inc. De Processamento de Dados do RGS AS7466 FRB - Federal Reserve Bank AS7467 sententia-DC1-AU-AP Sententia Data Centre Internet Access AS7468 cyberec-AS-AP Cyber Express Communication Ltd. AS7070 clear-channel-AS-7070 - Clear Channel Communications AS7071 penet-ASN - The Press-Enterprise. AS9974 KRA-AS-KR Korea Racing Association AS9975 kbise-AS-KR Gyeongsangbuk-do Education Research Institute AS9976 icndp-AS-KR Korea Cable TV NamIncheon d AS9977 jigunet-AS iosystem AS9978 UOS-AS The University of Seoul AS9979 KEB-AS korea exchange bank AS9980 hitinet Hyundai Information Technology AS9981 saeronet-AS-KR Saero. AS8504 nevalink-AS Nevalink Autonomous System AS8505 trneutonomous System Number AS8506 Irkutsk Scientific Center SB RAS AS8507 lanit Autonomous System AS8508 silweb Autonomous System - Educational AS8509 altectelecoms altec telecoms Autonomous System AS8510 Tomsk town Educational and Scientific network AS8511 AS8511-AI asiainfo. AS1329 ansbb-asnnet-1 - Advanced Networks Services Inc. AS9498 bbil-AP bharti BT internet LTD. AS3057 3COM-bgptest - 3 Com Corp. AS10097 flowcom Flow Communications 2/541 Kent St Sydney NSW 2000 AS10099 hkunicom1-AP Voice over IP, ISP, Web Hosting, AS10100 ASN-AP-ubsw # AS-AP-ubsw converted TO ASN-AP-ubsw FOR rpsl compliance UBS Warburg Autonomous System Asia-Pacific AS10101 simpur-BN simpur ISP AS10102 iponly-AP-AS IP-Only.

ea forex terbaik malaysia

Allocated and Reserved AS blocks - cidr Report

Sprint AS2974 sprint-MRN-block -.S. AS9270 apan-KR-AS Asia Pacific Advanced Network Korea(apan-KR) Consortium AS9271 wkunet-AS Wonkwang University AS9272 hancomnet-AS Hangul Computer Co, Ltd. Army/Army Central Command (arcent) AS4348 staccs-A1-24 - Third.S. AS6564 constant - constant communications AS6565 frednet-AS - frednet AS6566 trowe-NET -. Sprint AS3030 sprint-MRN-block -.S. AS6724 strato Strato AG AS6725 bactel.

AS9033 ecix-AS European Commercial Internet Exchange AS9034 Wind Telecomunicazioni spa AS9035 ASN-wind Wind Telecomunicazioni spa AS9036 neuronnexion-AS neuronnexion scop sarl AS9037 NE T, New Enterprises Technology.r.l. AS1313 adobe1-AS-AS - ea forex terbaik malaysia Adobe Systems Inc. AS6242 telemail - Sprint Communications Corp. AS15936 ataris ataris AG AS15937 adif adif AS AS15938 AS15938 element 5 AG AS15939 deloitteat-AS Deloitte Touche AS15940 GTS - Spain - @ccess Direct ccess Demand AS15941 burdenis-AS burdenis Autonom System AS15942 Vuurwerk Internet AS AS15943 wtnet-AS wilhelm. Sprint AS2991 sprint-MRN-block -.S. AS6417 agents-INC - Agents, Inc. AS7785 alexus - Alexus AS7786 npac - lockheed martin IMS AS7787 FAN-network - Fan Network Consulting AS7788 magma-comm - Magma Communications Ltd. AS9299 IPG-AS-AP Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company AS9300 southcom-AP-AS Southern Computer Services AS9301 EWN-AS-AP Emery Corporation Pty Ltd T/AS West Australian Network AS9302 iisgroup-AS-AP IIS Group Pty Ltd AS9303 kccs-AS-AP KC Computer Service Ltd., AS9304 hutchison-AS-AP Hutchison Global Communications AS9305 fhnet. AS3350 Particle Physics Department AS3351 Ioffe Physical-Thechical Institute AS3352 telefonica-data-espana Internet Access Network of TDE AS3353 ASN-phonelink # AS-phonelink converted TO ASN-phonelink FOR rpsl compliance Phonelink Ltd AS3354 thenet-AS-3354 - University of Texas System AS3355 litc - lockheed information technology. Of Commerce AS2649 NAS2-AS - Performance Systems International AS2650 EOP_gatekeeper - Executive Office Of The President USA AS2651 cdagovn - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2652 cdagovn - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2653 cdagovn - Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services AS2654. AS14379 N-T-C - Northern Trust Company AS14380 opus-creative-group - Opus Creative Group AS14381 caterpillar-INC - Caterpillar, Inc.

ea forex terbaik malaysia

AS14081 coolsavings-2 - m inc. Online Services division of Nittany Media, Inc. AS11100 toadnet - ToadNet, Inc. AS6414 ipnet - Thurber Technology Group AS6415 siliconreef - Silicon Reef, Inc. AS6385 bellsouth-NET-BLK - t Inc. AS6610 interstate - Interstate Networking Corporation AS6611 magiccarpet - Magic Carpet/Roxy Systems, Inc. Hoffmann-La Roche AG AS2048 lanet-1 - State of Louisiana Office of Telecommunications Management AS2049 AVL-graz AVL List GmbH AS2050 sprintcorp - Sprint Enterprise Information Services AS2051 cisco-EXT - Cisco Systems, Inc. AS11479 BRM-SUN-AS - Sun Microsystems, Inc AS11480 mdxnet - Micromedex Inc.

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AS5621 worldcom AS5622 Thomson Corporation Switzerland AG AS5623 ATT-emea Autonomous System AS5624 CSC Computer Management and CSC Denmark AS5625 EUnet Slovakia Autonomous System AS5626 ONI comnexo, SA (onitelecom) AS5627 WWL Internet GmbH Stuttgart AS5628 eurotel-SK EuroTel Bratislava, Ltd. AS7811 itochu - itochu Technology, Inc. AS6273 netrail-BLK8 - NetRail, Inc. AS3274 cygate Cygate Oy AS3275 ASN-cineca cineca multi-homed Autonomous System AS3276 master-NET AS3277 rusnet-AS Regional University and Scientific Network (rusnet) AS3278 assew SEW-Eurodrive GmbH. AS6918 penncom - Penncom Internet. AS13787 embarq-jcty - Embarq Corporation AS13788 uscourts - US Courts AS13789 internap-BLK3 - Internap Network Services AS13790 internap-BLK3 - Internap Network Services AS13791 internap-BLK3 - Internap Network Services AS13792 internap-BLK3 - Internap Network Services AS13793 T3voicenet - T3 VoiceNet, LLC. AS13903 kcinet - Key Connections, Inc. AS14821 MBA-equinix-AS - Mortgage Bankers Association of America AS14822 mskcc - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center AS14823 tshare-01 - Teleshare Communications Services, Inc. AS14870 intraware-SC4 - Intraware AS14871 young-america - Young America Corporation AS14872 YNC - @YourNet Connection, Inc.

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Berdasarkan informasi yang beredar, di bawah ini diduga adalah foto salah satu Bossnya MIA Fintechfx. AS14273 online-resources - Online resources comm. AS16512 fmhdc - BannerHealth dba Fairbanks Memorial Hospital AS16513 coxnews - Cox Newspapers/AJC AS16514 tripos-INC - Tripos, Inc. AS11465 venor-capital - Venor Capital Management GP LLC AS11466 andrews-federal1 - Andrews Federal Credit Union AS11467 ERX-unet-TW-ST Universal Network Technology AS11468 nsdata - Nova Scotia Data Ltd. AS2585 BT Customer services network AS2586 uninet-AS AS Uninet AS2587 ccas-AS ccasnet AS2588 latnet ISP AS2589 AS2590 The Cellphone Group PLC AS2591 wise Ltd Head Office AS2592 EGE-AS Ege University (EGE TR AS2593 ASN-SPC Sistema Pubblico di Connettivita' AS2594. D/b/a WorldNET AS6568 Ag para el Desarrollo de la Sociedad de la Inf en Bolivia - adsib AS6569 nationwideasn - Nationwide Services, Inc AS6570 isoanet - Internet Services of Albany, Inc. AS10482 shaw-communications - Shaw Communications Inc. AS4543 timesnet - The New York Times AS4544 conxion-A - ConXioN Corporation AS4545 sonnet-ASN - Sonora ONline AS4546 mcgraw-AS - McGraw-Hill AS4547 BLS-AS - Bureau of Labor Statistics AS4548 AG - Access Global Information Services AS4549 espn-AS - espn AS4550 cogent-adot-1. AS7110 quebec-NET - t AS7111 aspen-systems - Aspen Systems Corporation AS7112 mtsi-ASN - MTS Internet, Inc. AS8030 worldnet5-10 - AT T WorldNet AS8031 worldnet5-10 - AT T WorldNet AS8032 worldnet5-10 - AT T WorldNet AS8033 worldnet5-10 - AT T WorldNet AS8034 worldnet5-10 - AT T WorldNet AS8035 worldnet5-10 - AT T WorldNet AS8036 utulsa-AS. Ahlstrom Corporate Global Network AS5470 asauthnet auth-NET-AS AS5471 SCI-nnov scientific/educational network AS5472 CC Power Ltd AS5473 sonera-media-LAB Medialaboratorium AS5474 tobbetu-NET tobb Economics and Technology University AS5475 Universitaet Hamburg AS5476 TU Hamburg-Harburg AS5477 Universitaet der Bundeswehr Hamburg AS5478 gkss Forschungszentrum Geesthacht Gmbh. AS759 merit-AS-25 - Merit Network Inc.

ea forex terbaik malaysia

Airbitz - Bitcoin Wallet)

AS11799 cthought - Creative Thought, Inc. Network AS7871 seidata - SEI Data AS7872 usap-ASN - United States Antarctic Program AS7873 microtec-AS - microtec technologies INC. AS715 zocalo-AS - Zocalo AS716 zama-AS -.S. AS13412 vulcan-northwest - Vulcan Northwest, Inc. AS10667 fsiwebs-NET1-AS - Financial Services Inc AS10668 LEE-ASN - Lee Enterprises, Inc. AS13954 corporateexpress - Corporate Express AS13955 vankampen - Van Kampen Funds AS13957 mnaa - Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority AS13958 rivergate-center - THE ridgerock group, LLC AS13959 netscorp - Netscorp AS13960 aotech - AO Technologies AS13962 AS-hispeed-1 - World Internet Services AS13963 valleynet-ISP - ValleyNet, Inc.

AS13896 thinkingphones - Thinking Phone Networks LLC AS13897 CDC1 - m AS13898 libertyenterprises - Liberty Enterprises AS13899 kricket - Kricket Internet Service AS13900 CBN - Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. AS14333 ON-ramp-indiana - On-Ramp Indiana AS14334 aethon-BGP - Aethon, Inc. AS6843 RF Cryptosvyaz, Penza AS6844 ventelo Ventelo Norge AS AS6845 macsys MacSYS Computers - romania/Bucharest AS6846 ukrpacs6847 cerbernet Business Serve plc AS6848 telenet-AS Telenet Operaties.V. Copy Trade dari trader hebat (padahal tradernya pun fiktif dan abal-abal semua sebenarnya). AS4744 ASN-htal Hutchison Telecoms (Aust) Ltd AS4745 gmarket-AS-KR gmarket AS4746 pristine-comm Pristine Communications Limited AS4747 unspecified Taiwan Telecommunication Network Services. Autonomous System AS15888 Marelli Autonomous System AS15889 4-Online GmbH Autonomous System Number AS15890 cegetel-DTI-FR-AS cegetel AS15891 Loomes AG AS15892 mitts-NET mitts Ltd is a government agency AS15893 bitnet tnet Autonomous System AS15894 leitwerk-AS leitwerk Gesellschaft fuer ea forex terbaik malaysia angewandte Informatik mbH AS15895 ksnet-AS Kyivstar GSM AS15896 Yahoo! AS3244 banknet BankNet, Budapest HU AS3245 Digital Systems Ltd / EUnet Bulgaria AS3246 tdcsong TDC Song AS3247 INS INS AS3248 SIL-AT silver server GmbH AS3249 estpak Estonian Telephone Company Ltd. Ltd Autonomous System AS15722 mkdesign-AS Ingenieurbuero MKdesign AS15723 azeronline Azeronline Information Services AS15724 Cofund Internet operations AS15725 IKS IKS GmbH AS15726 marcant-AS Marcant Internet Services GmbH AS15727 AS15727 KeConnect Internet Ipswich AS15728 RMF-krakow-PL Radio Muzyka Fakty,.

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AS12601 cegedim AS12602 TelePassport Hellas.A. AS11994 gatespeed - ea forex terbaik malaysia Gatespeed Broadband, Inc. Sprint AS3041 sprint-MRN-block -.S. AS10448 villanova-univ - Villanova University AS10449 discover - DiscoverNet, Inc. AS10330 voyager - CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. AS14114 emagination - emagination network LLC AS14115 amalgamated-BSA AS14116 infb-AS - m AS14117 Telefonica del Sur.A. AS15316 ivanet-vancouver - ibasis INC.

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AS15084 convergys - Convergys Corp. AS10303 AS-priori - Priori Networks AS10304 netchannel - Netchannel, INC. Allocated and Reserved AS blocks, source: iana AS Registry, autonomous system numbers (last updated ). AS11181 vaxxine - Vaxxine Computer Systems Inc. Total Info Kharisma AS9229 speedcast-AP speedcast Limited AS9230 BOL-BD-AP Bangladesh Online Ltd. Sprint AS3025 sprint-MRN-block -.S. Sprint AS3019 sprint-MRN-block -.S. AS7937 southtech - t AS7938 circle - Circle Net, Inc. AS7194 firstspeed-AS7194 - First Communications ea forex terbaik malaysia LLC AS7195 Telecorp Colombia.A. AS4397 DSI-cust-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. Corporation Allstream AS2768 shufelt - Shufelt Inc. AS13988 ivanet-frankfurt - ibasis INC. AS4569 ashton-NET1 - Ashton Communications Corporation AS4570 IH2000 - IH2000 AS4571 uunet-SA AS4572 jaxinter - Jacksonville Internet Service AS4573 sequel2 - Sequel Concepts AS4574 netdoor - Internet Doorway, Inc.

Government Printing Office AS3706 digex-AS2 - Digital Express Group, Inc. AS2853 Sonera US-transit AS AS2854 rosprint-AS Equant Russia AS AS2855 BT-global-services temp unassigned AS2856 BT-UK-AS BTnet UK Regional network AS2857 RLP-NET Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet AS2858 EUnet Test AS AS2859 kthnoc-LAB kthnoc Labs AS2860 novis Novis Telecom,.A. AS9945 kcacbackup-AS-KR Korea Information Security Agency AS9946 cablenet-AS-KR kctv jeju broadcasting AS9947 simnet-AS-KR Simulation Multimedia Network AS9948 nicemoney-AS-KR Nice e-Banking Services AS9949 hoseo-AS hoseo university AS9950 pubnetplus2-AS-KR dacom AS9951 OBS-AS-KR Yonhap News Agency AS9952 hostway-AS-KR Hostway Korea AS9953 hdventure-AS Hyundai Engineering. AS6253 prudent - Prudential Securities AS6254 egginc - EG G, Inc. AS12191 IN-motion - In-Motion,.L.C. AS4395 DSI-cust-BLK2 - Houston Associates, Inc. AS11436 CRC-gigapop - Communications Research Center AS11437 CMM-AS - ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc. AS9832 ISN-AS-AP ISN, Internet Service Provider AS9833 hicom-AS-AP t AS9834 trademe-AS-AKL-NZ Trade Me Limited AS9835 gits-TH-AS-AP Government Information Technology Services AS9836 shunloong-transit-AS-AP Shun Loong Online Investment Service (H.K.) Ltd. Australia AS9333 intinfoshi-AU-AS Internet Information Super Highway Pty Limited AS9334 ttech-AS-AP Tridel Technologies, ea forex terbaik malaysia Inc AS9335 CIP-japan-AS-AP ATT IPlus AS9336 linearg-AS-AP Linear G Internet Solutions AS9337 HKG-RET-AS-AP uunet AS9338 natlib-NZ-AS-AP National Library of New Zealand AS9339 nation-finace-AS-TH National Finance PLC, AS9340 indonet-AS-AP.

ea forex terbaik malaysia