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Among these threats is the nemesis of both Poland and Lithuania, the Teutonic Order. November 20th, 1449 start edit A less known start date with a lot of potential. Note that this may put you above your diplomatic relations limit. Lithuania 4 years prior. Poland and Lithuania can also be brought in to make things easier. If dominance over the Baltic Sea is desired, then one of the biggest obstacles that Sweden will have to overcome is Muscovy / Russia, the other being Poland / Commonwealth. Fortunately, Wadysaw's brother, Kazimierz IV, is the Grand Duke of Lithuania. This last obstacle to Baltic dominance is not as challenging in the military sense. Main article: Polish events, poland's events are heavily focused on the internal structure and stability of the Polish state, characterized by a long term struggle to assert control over the nobles of the Sejm, as well as the integration of the Duchy. To accomplish this the player will have 3 challenges that can make-or-break their campaign. Since 1385, it has always been a Jagiellon that has ruled Poland and Lithuania in personal union. Strategy edit Independence edit Securing supports for independence is far easier than securing large alliances once you are free, so don't declare until you have 5 very large allies.

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Or Poland may deny this union and seek its own path. You should also try to attack Russia simultaneously with the the Hordes, as they will help defeat the Russian army and weaken Russia in the peace deal. Ottoman, empire seems to be at the gates of Hungary, ready to expand up the flow of the Danube. Firstly, it is just a mere 5 years and 9 days from the classic 1444 start date, so the political landscape should be very familiar to players. Potential requirements Allow Has an administrative technology of at least 10 Is not a subject nation Is not at war Is not a nomad nation Has a stability of at least 3 Mazovia does not exist Owns its core. Does not have Warszawa (257) as capital. Try getting the 5 artillery bonus and a siege leader. Also, Idea groups that are taken play a major role in how you play, for instance; https eu4 /comments/416027 No matter what you do, Poland will hate you when you inevitably have to take Danzig.

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Perhaps it would be wise to move the seat of royal government there so we can work better with the nobility? The territory of Poland lies upon the great northern European plain, a vast flatland conducive for the use of mass cavalry. If you choose to keep and develop them, then prepare for wars with England, the Netherlands and the many Native American powers in the area. Early supporters that you can trade in for larger ones later can be Novgorod, Scotland and the Teutonic Order. If there is room for more aggressive expansion, White Karelia and Kexholm are great pickups as well. Ideas edit Good early idea groups include Influence (for reduced AE Administrative (for reduced coring cost and Administrative tech cost or perhaps Innovative ideas (for the reduced tech cost). Now, with the south defended by a fort on a strait and the west by a subject Norway, the player may pursue the same goals as in a 1444 start but from a much more comfortable and defensible position. It can take 20 years to get 5 large allies, but it will be worth. Owns its core provinces : Krakow (262 Warszawa (257 Poznan (254 Kalish (255 Sieradz (258 Sandomierz (259) and Leczyca (1939). Have a good strategy for Poland? Changes primary culture to Polish.

Perhaps most dangerous of them all however, is the Grand Duchy of Muscovy in the far north east. The first and easiest is to decisively defeat Muscovy. And it also depends where you are in the world. To the south lies Hungary, a rival powerful enough to disrupt Polish plans to crush the Order and able to vie for trade in Krakw. The player can colonise the Americas or wage war in Africa while waiting for European aggressive expansion to tick down. Effects Changes to Poland. Crowning him would, however, require reaching an agreement that is acceptable to both Kazimierz, the Lithuanian and the Polish nobles.

The easiest way to achieve this is by vassalizing a weakened Novgorod and returning all their cores in Muscovies possession. Main article: Swedish events Sweden has many dynamic historical events, with two major series for the player to experience. M/r/ eu4 /comments/9ol77y/my_ poland _ strategy _1272, didn't even need to hire Mercs. Contents, missions edit, main article: Polish missions, poland's missions are focused on the integration of its vassals, develop the country, maintaining friendly relations with. 62.600 Ergebnisse, datum, sprache, region m/r/ eu4 /comments/67aib7/ poland_strategy, thanks! Is not at war. The aggressive eu4 poland trade strategy sweden expansion generated from taking HRE lands is very punishing and easily leads to massive coalitions. The player will have the resources to take the campaign in whichever direction they wish and around 200-300 years to. This can be quite tricky since the Electors lie far apart and getting casus belli against all of them can be hard. In the end, it is simply not worth your time, resources and effort unless you have colonial imperial aspirations.

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Also consider taking the influence idea group to avoid coalitions in the HRE. Sweden has emerged as the dominant power in northern Europe with tremendous potential for expansion. The Netherlands will usually offer you the best deal as opposed to also adjacent England or France. To the north the highly militarized Teutonic Order consider the two states its main enemy. The Dacke War edit Main article: The Dacke War The disastrous Dacke War can be avoided by forming Scandinavia, or staying Catholic or converting to Reformed. Picking up Neva and Ingermanland early on in the game eu4 poland trade strategy sweden is always advisable.

Hello EU IV forums, I've started a let's play as poland and would like some tips on how to play them. Poland s unique splendor bonus. A second war, possibly with Muscovy or Livonian Order, will typically be enough to secure Novgorod as a vassal. Sweden starts in as a junior partner in the Kalmar Union. However, the first war with Muscovy may not cut Novgorod down enough to where Sweden can vassalize them in one war. Gotland, leading a life as a local pirate rather than the king of the north. Country guides Anatolian technology group Ottomans Muslim technology group Granada Nomadic technology group Central African technology group Mutapa East African technology group Kilwa West African technology group Mali Mesoamerican technology group Maya South American technology group Mapuche Lithuania. Lübeck and the Hanseatic cities have been quite costly. Is not a nomad nation. Poland (Polish: Polska) is a considerable power in Central Europe with the potential to grow into a regional or even global power. In the far south the. Mainland Europe edit If you wish to expand into Germany, you should consider becoming the Emperor to avoid wars with Austria.

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England, France, Burgundy, Austria, Brandenburg, Poland, and Muscovy will all support independence if you are patient and maintain 100 relations with them until they flip to friendly. Norway is mostly a mirror of Russia: take Jämtland to even out the borders, but other than that, the only territories worth having are Akershus and Bergenhus (because of the trade power bonus). While fate has since then brought us apart our interests remain closely aligned and now that we control both the core of the Lithuanian and Polish lands it is perhaps time we let our old friends become stakeholders in a joint state. The new king elected by Danes, Swedes and Norwegians is a foreigner with no local power base, Christopher von Wittelsbach, but the real power in the kingdom of Sweden lies with the Lord High Justiciar of Sweden, Karl Knutsson Bonde, and the Swedish nobility. If you want to make your army even more overpowered, take Economic and Innovative ideas in conjunction with Quality for the 5 discipline and 20 infantry combat ability policies, respectively. If is a duchy: becomes a kingdom Gains permanent claims on all provinces of Poland (region) that are not already owned.

eu4 poland trade strategy sweden

Mazovia and Grand Duchy of, lithuania into the Polish-Lithuanian, commonwealth. This start date comes with eu4 poland trade strategy sweden 2 very large benefits to the player. Allow Effects Gain 20 Prestige. This grants the player access to 4 claims on Denmark on day 1, in addition to the Swedish core they already hold. You instead want a short truce, then a second war where you can gobble up the rest of Scandinavia. A champion of the north could pose the next threat to Baltic trade.

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Gains 1 Base production. By doing this, the player will eventually end up in a war with the Emperor and all the Electors, which will allow the player to disband the Empire. Gets the modifier Increased Centralization for 20 years with the following effects:.05 Monthly autonomy change, 1 National unrest. There are 2 ways to deal with this. Secondly, Sweden starts not only independent, but with a personal union over Norway. This is especially true when the Protestant Reformation stirs in the west, the rising Ottoman Empire expanding ever closer in the south, and an united Orthodox Russia rises in the east. As Poland, become an absolutist monarchy, abolishing the Sejm. Though humbled by defeat in recent years, the Order still holds the Baltic hostage, and with it, the trade to sustain an empire. The other option is to disband the HRE.

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Gets new missions If is a member of the eu4 poland trade strategy sweden Holy Roman Empire and not an elector or the emperor : then all owned provinces are removed from the HRE. Produktplakatet 10, goods produced modifier, union and Security Act 10, national manpower modifier, ambition:. Lithuania, and the subjugation and conquest of its neighboring rivals: the. It is recommended to play one against the other. Form Polish Nation The kingdom that the Piasts once worked so hard to reunify is now divided and without a king. Move Capital to Warsaw With the incorporation of the duchy of Mazovia Warsaw has become the seat of the Sejm.

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When Wladyslaw III fell in the battle of Varna both Poland and. Fighting the war is a simple matter of waiting for your allies to show up and eu4 poland trade strategy sweden win it for you, don't fight without huge terrain bonuses, and don't try to take more than independence. In a game of chance, your strategy is less important than your luck. Teutonic and, livonian Orders, the Tatars of the, golden Horde and the. The quickest way to getting into a war with all the Electors is to piss off the entire empire. This will make later wars much easier. Contents Missions edit Main article: Swedish missions Sweden's missions are oriented around dominating her neighbors and forging a Dominium Maris Baltici. Achievements edit Lion of the North Start as Sweden and lead the Protestant League to victory against the Emperor. To the west Poland borders the small German states of Pomerania and Brandenburg. After beating the final challenge, the player should be the strongest country in the world with a sizeable income and a very large army.

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Crimean Khanate, and the Russian Principalities, lead. Hungary were robbed of their kings in one stroke. What is clear is that the control over the Baltic Sea and its many estuaries and ports will be imperative to the Swedish Kingdom. Post-Independence edit If you are going to expand into Germany, it is possible to join the HRE to avoid wars with the Emperor. Allying Poland can provide a way for you to seize Muscovite territory, and vice-versa. So should all non-HRE land in the Lübeck trade zone. Alternately, Sweden can play the colonial game. Taking Iceland early and choosing Exploration or Expansion will allow you to be one of the first to reach the New World, which can help with Sweden's lackluster income potential due to low-development provinces.