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Aug Sonntag Coast Guard Birthday Observance. Jun Mittwoch International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking indice rsi forex United Nations observance. M?r Samstag Earth Hour Worldwide observance. Isidro pain EUR Galician Aug Sonntag Coast Guard Birthday Observance. Jun Mittwoch International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking indice rsi forex United Nations observance. Mär Samstag Earth Hour Worldwide observance. Isidro pain EUR Galician Literature Day Canada CAD Victoria Day Great Britain GBP Spring Bank Holiday USA USD Remembrance Day Australia AUD Reconciliation Day witzerland CHF Ascension Day France EUR Spain EUR Germany EUR pain EUR Castilla-La Mancha ew Zealand NZD. Mai Samstag Preakness Stakes Sporting event. Apr Donnerstag Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Observance. Dez Samstag December Solstice Season.

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Sep Sonntag International Day of Democracy United Nations observance. Jul 04, forex holiday 2019 usa june 4 2019Jul 04, independence Day, mondayMon. Apr Dienstag Emancipation Day State holiday District of Columbia. Dez Donnerstag World Soil Day United Nations observance. Apr Freitag Orthodox Good Friday Orthodox.

Okt Montag Columbus Day Local observance Florida. Dez Samstag International Civil Aviation Day United Nations observance. Jun Donnerstag American Eagle Day Observance. Nov Samstag The Prophet's Birthday Muslim. Mär Donnerstag Holi Hindu Holiday. Jul Dienstag International Day of Friendship United Nations observance. Okt Freitag Alaska Day State holiday Alaska.

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Mai Mittwoch International Day of Families United Nations observance. Jun Donnerstag World Refugee Day United Nations observance. Mär Sonntag César Chávez Day State holiday AZ CA CO MI NM NV TX UT WA*. Sep Sonntag Emancipation Day Local observance Ohio. Feb Dienstag Lincoln's Birthday Local observance Florida. Mär Montag Maha Shivaratri Hindu Holiday. Mai Samstag National Missing Children's Day Observance.

Jun Sonntag Bunker Hill Day Local observance Massachusetts. Dez Freitag Friday the 13th Worldwide observance. Apr Samstag Passover (first day) Jewish holiday. Mär Mittwoch March Equinox Season. Sep Donnerstag International Day of forex holiday 2019 usa june 4 Charity United Nations observance. Jan Samstag Confederate Heroes' Day State holiday Texas.

Mai Donnerstag National Day of Prayer Observance. Jun Montag World Day to Combat forex holiday 2019 usa june 4 Desertification and Drought United Nations observance. Mai Sonntag Day of Vesak United Nations observance. Mär Dienstag Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras State holiday Florida*. Most employees prefer to have an employment contract stipulating their allowances, vacation days and holidays packages respectively. Jan Sonntag World Religion Day Worldwide observance. Mär Sonntag World Wildlife Day United Nations observance. Dez Sonntag Rosa Parks Day Local observance Ohio, Oregon. These are common holidays recognized throughout the country. Sep Montag California Admission Day Local observance California. Jan Montag Orthodox New Year Orthodox. Dez Sonntag Bill of Rights Day Observance.

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Nov Donnerstag World Philosophy Day United Nations observance. Okt Dienstag World Stroke Day Worldwide observance. Apr Montag Earth Day United Nations observance. When one is obliged by his roles to work during these public holidays, the law dictates that they are compensated and/or offered a free paid day off in the coming week. Sep Samstag International Day of Peace United Nations observance.

Mai Mittwoch Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War United Nations observance. Nov Dienstag International Men's Day Worldwide observance. Jun Sonntag Father's Day Observance. Jun Freitag Army Birthday Observance. Nov Montag International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women United Nations observance. Oct 31, 2019Oct 31, halloween, mondayMon, nov 11, 2019Nov. Okt Sonntag Last Day of Sukkot Jewish holiday. Mär Freitag National Vietnam War Veterans Day Observance. Mai Donnerstag Yom Ha'atzmaut Jewish holiday. Jul Donnerstag Independence Day Federal Holiday. Jul Sonntag Parents' Day Observance.

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Jun Sonntag Shavuot Jewish holiday. Apr forex holiday 2019 usa june 4 Samstag Last Day of Passover Jewish holiday. Nov Dienstag World Toilet Day United Nations observance. Okt Donnerstag International Day for the Eradication of Poverty United Nations observance. Feb Mittwoch World Day of Social Justice United Nations observance. Jul Mittwoch Pioneer Day State holiday Utah. Jul Sonntag World Hepatitis Day United Nations observance. Apr Mittwoch Administrative Professionals Day Observance. Apr Dienstag Pascua Florida Day Local observance Florida. Aug Montag National Aviation Day Observance. Apr Donnerstag Maundy Thursday Christian. When a public holiday occurs on Saturdays, the previous day automatically becomes a holiday.

Different holidays call for different response and observations. Apr Sonntag United Nations' World Health Day United Nations observance. Jun Donnerstag West Virginia Day State holiday West Virginia. Sep Mittwoch World Sexual Health Day Worldwide observance. Dez Dienstag Human Rights Day United Nations observance. Jul Samstag National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day Observance.

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Dez Freitag National Guard Birthday Observance. DAY, dATE, holiday, tuesdayTue, jan 01, 2019Jan 01, new Year's Day. Apr Donnerstag World Malaria Day United Nations observance. Nov Freitag Acadian Day State holiday Louisiana. Sep Montag Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday.

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Nov Mittwoch Universal Children's Day United Nations observance. Mär Freitag Employee Appreciation Day Observance. Jun Sonntag International Day of Family Remittances United Nations observance. Jun Mittwoch Emancipation Day State holiday Texas. Anthony's Birthday Local observance CA, FL, NY,. Mai Freitag Confederate Memorial Day State holiday South Carolina. Aug Donnerstag Colorado Day Local observance Colorado. Father's Day Sunday Jun 16, 2019 The upcoming United States holiday Father's Day is in 30 days from today.

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Okt Mittwoch Yom Kippur State holiday Texas*. Okt Montag Columbus Day forex holiday 2019 usa june 4 Federal Holiday All except AK, AR, CA, DE, FL, HI, MI, MN, ND, NM, NV, OR, SD, TX, VT, WA,. Okt Donnerstag World Development Information Day United Nations observance. Sep Freitag Native American Day Local observance California. Feb Freitag Susan. Mai Samstag Armed Forces Day Observance. We are glad to present the calendar of Forex weekends and important national holidays. Dez Dienstag Christmas Eve Observance, Christian. Apr Montag Orthodox Easter Monday Orthodox. Oct 14, 2019Oct 14, columbus Day, thursdayThu. Feb 18, 2019Feb 18, presidents' Day, fridayFri. Apr Montag April Fool's Day Worldwide observance.