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Participants have the option to trade any of the 9 instruments which include S P500, gbpusd, eurjpy, eurusd, gbpjpy, euraud, gbpaud, Gold Ether listed on the platform. Overseas: Top winner , US3K (Prizes will be issued in the form of trading credits in their accounts and winners will be able to withdraw profits from their winning trades). There will be two categories of winners; Local and overseas prizes. Participants who qualify for the final competition will be determined by 23:59 (SGT) on 6th March 2018 (min 10 closed trades). Participants are to close their positions 23:59 (SGT) on 8th March 2018. Trading using EAs, Signals and Copy Trading are not allowed in this competition. A mind boggling 102 trillion emails are sent every year with the number set to increase to 126 trillion in 2022! Such participants (Defaulting Participant) shall be immediately disqualified and his/her account shall at the discretion of the organizers, AlpsSocial and plmp P2000, be suspended collage du forex and/or terminated without notice to such Defaulting Participant. The use of any inappropriate language and/or images during the Competition is strictly prohibited. Our extra measures in safety have positioned us as the front runner in responsible trading, and we are now setting new standards in safety amongst our counterparts in the FX industry. The decision by the organiser will be final. Enjoy Unlimited Contests with the FX Arena innovative unique user-friendly interface that makes easy to get started and take part.

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This Competition is based on Demo-account trading on MT4 and not linked with any live-trading accounts. Every participant is assigned to a demo account of US20,000. That's why AlpsSocial's new Premium Communities allow users to take control of their online content marketing via EDMs and live chatting in addition to social sharing. Employees of plmp P2000 and AlpsSocial. Whether it's click-through rates, engagement figures, or target audience reach, Email Direct Marketing is outperforming the "Big 3" social media giants. Participants found to be ineligible for any reasons will be disqualified and barred from this Competition at plmp P2000 and AlpsSocial discretion. US3,000, winner for 2nd prize, uS2,000 winner for 3rd prize, uS1,000 overseas winner, uS3,000.

Should any participant not receive your login details, please write an email to for assistance. Applicants can only register once. FX Arena is a forex trading contest platform featuring daily non stop 24/5 contests and competitions. . To register for this Competition, applications must fill up the online registration form found at m/competition. Participants must publish their trade journals for each trade. Winner for 1st prize.

Participants may face disqualification from the competition. Names of the prize winners will also be published on the AlpsSocial Website. By entering the Competition, all participants will be deemed to have consented to receiving mailers, promotional materials or other documents provided by plmp P2000 and AlpsSocial. Participants whose Margin Level fell below 80 will result in disqualification. We'll be rolling out Premium Communities very soon, so green jacket forex competition watch this space! Plmp P2000 reserves all rights to substitute the current prizes with another of equivalent value and amend any terms and conditions without any prior notification. Local: 1st prize, US3K, 2nd prize, US2K, 3rd prize, US1K. Prize Announcements and Collection. The Competition period is from 5th March 2018 to 8th March 2018. Forex traders can put their trading skills to the test and. Participants would be awarded points for every trade journal published which would go towards their ranking points.

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By participating in this Competition, the applicant agrees that plmp2000/AlpsSocial may disclose his or her name and photos of the prize collection for publicity purpose. Competition MT4 Provider, fxprimus is one of the most secure online trading environments available anywhere in the forex industry. Minimum trading volume is 1 lot. Any other forms of registration are strictly not allowed. Eligibility terms, this Competition is open to all. The prize presentation ceremony will be held on 9th March 2018. Welcome to the 2018, green Jacket Forex Trading Competition, if you are interested in Forex trading or keen for a challenge, then this competition is for you! After the participants registration is approved, the participants will receive a confirmation email with their login details within 2 business working days. In the event when there is a dispute on the interpretation of any terms and conditions, plmp2000s decision is final. Registration will start from 1st Jan 2018 till 28th Feb 2018. The following individuals are not eligible to participate in this Competition:. The one with the highest profits wins!

Any persons who wish to participate in this competition must first register for this Competition. Immediate family members of Employees at plmp P2000 and AlpsSocial. Terms Conditions, participants agree to be bound by the rules of this Competition. Applicants would be registered as participants of the Competition once all documents are verified and approved. Ranking is based on the users total Realised Profits. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend seminars held by our collaborating educator, The seminar details will be made available to all Participants via the Competition Circle at m/greenjacket. Thereafter, they will be notified by email or phone. Risk Warning : Forex trading and margin contracts (CFD) may involve a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. If there are 2 or more participants with the same Realised Profits, they will be ranked according to their winning rate based on count back system. Brought to you by plmp P2000, this competition offers you the opportunity to learn more about Forex trading and compete with other and win attractive prizes. Any open positions would be closed to facilitate the calculation of the final score and ranking of the Participants. Participants may enter a long and short trade on the same pairing at any time. Please read our terms conditions below.

All decisions made by the organizers, plmp P2000 and AlpsSocial, are final. Brought to you by plmp P2000, this competition offers you the opportunity to learn more about Forex trading and compete with other and win attractive prizes. AlpsSocial - Green Jacket Forex Competition. The participant with the highest Realised Profit wins. We would like to thank all the participants and congratulate the winners of the National Youth Forex Competition for their outstanding achievements. Green Jacket Forex Competition 2018. Watch Full Metal Jacket - Surfin Bird Part - Forex Trio Hedge Interest Trading. Die Green Jackets, eine Hobby-Golferrunde innerhalb des GC Föhrenwalds. Neustadt mit 36 Mitgliedern, spielt green jacket forex competition jeden Freitag ein Zählwettspiel von den weissen/gelben Abschlägen.

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