using python for backtesting intraday futures trading strategy

Now that we have some evidence that our idea might be valid, let's build an algorithm that takes advantage of the relationship we discovered between crude oil and gasoline. Futures can be queried as individual (non-continuous) contracts or as continuous contracts which are concatenated based on configurable rollover rules. Reversal, Momentum and Intraday Returns has come up with some interesting research that suggests there is a strong link between future returns and what happens during the first two hours and last two hours of trading. Get Notebook, on Quantopian, a trading algorithm is a Python program that defines a specific set of instructions on how to analyze, order, and manage assets. Finally, passing None means that no adjustments will be applied to the lookback window.

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Cl_unadjusted continuous_future CL adjustmentNone) cl_history history( cl_unadjusted, fields'contract 'price frequency'daily start end' ) cl_active_contract_pricing cl_dex, columns'contract cl_active_contract_ot Part of the job of our continuous future abstraction is to account for these discontinuities, as we will see next by plotting. QuantRocket doesn't delete delisted tickers, so over time you will build up a database that includes delisted tickers. Does Moonshot support machine learning? Any variables that we want to persist between function calls should be stored in context instead of using global variables. The "home base" for interacting with QuantRocket is a web-based Jupyter research environment using python for backtesting intraday futures trading strategy in which you can view, create, and edit your research notebooks, algorithm files, and configuration files.

The order_optimal_portfolio function allows us to move our portfolio from one state to another by providing a portfolio objective. For example, CL changes in increments.01. Additionally, we can get the reference to its currently active Future contract by using the contractfield. See the usage guide regarding the total data quantity for intraday strategies in Moonshot. Each underlying commodity/asset has its own model fit to historical data. For Windows users, Windows 10 Professional or higher is required. The list of US futures currently available on Quantopian can be found here. Then, it prints a different message at market close on the last day of the week: def initialize(context context. Long_ma, '1d cl_price ude_oil xb_price soline cl_returns cl_price. For example, to print out the continuous future each minute, we can add print imary_cl to handle_data def initialize(context imary_cl continuous_future CL def handle_data(context, data print imary_cl future_symbol The future_symbol function returns the Future object for a particular contract (CLF16 for example). Head And if we pass a list of Futures and a list of fields, we get a pandas Panel indexed by field, having date as the major axis, and assets as the minor axis. Putting It Together, the insights gained from this paper can be used to construct long/short stock portfolios that are based on measuring accumulated morning or afternoon returns. Here is a reference for delivery months and their corresponding codes: Let's start by looking at a particular contract of the Light Sweet Crude Oil future (CL).

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Handle_data handle_data is called once at the end of each minute and requires context and data as input. Futures Analysis Get Notebook Revisiting our strategy, we can use the tools we have covered so far in order to compare our crude oil future to a future in the same supply chain, rbob Gasoline (XB). It provides data collection tools, multiple data vendors, a research environment, multiple backtesters, and live and paper trading through Interactive Brokers (IB). QuantRocket was built from the ground up with global markets in mind and seamlessly handles the technical details associated with international trading, such as differing timezones, trading hours, currencies, tick sizes, etc. A 'calendar' roll means that the continuous future will point to the next contract in the chain when it reaches the auto_close_date of the current active contract. What are the minimum hardware requirements?

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For example, if our algorithm needs to rebalance futures at market open relative to the futures calendar, and rebalance equities at market open relative to the equities calendar, we can do the following: schedule_function(func rebalance_futures, date_rule date_rules. Remember that the spread is the difference between the prices of the futures in our pair over a trailing window. Study Results, xu studies all US listed stocks that are above 5, between 19 in this comprehensive study. You can use this data to model the costs and constraints of short selling. Does IB historical stock data include delisted tickers? Conclusion, in conclusion, investors need to not just examine raw close-close returns over the last 30 days, but rather dig deeper and look at cumulative returns during both the opening two hours of trade and the final. It is well-suited for running cross-sectional strategies or screens involving hundreds or even thousands of securities. The opening two hours are driven by informed trading and is therefore the most susceptible to momentum. How long does it take to collect data from IB?

If the zscore indicates that the spread has gone back to its equilibrium, we exit our positions. You can use QuantRocket's Python API within your notebooks and algorithms, or you can open a terminal inside the Jupyter interface and use QuantRocket's command line interface. Financial statements provide over 125 cash flow, balance sheet, and income metrics. What is a Trading Algorithm? Schedule_function allows us to schedule custom functions at regular intervals and allows us to specify interday frequency as well as intraday timing. Context is an augmented Python dictionary used for maintaining state during our backtest or across live trading sessions, and can be referenced in different parts of our algorithm. Such reversals are seen to intensify during the last 10-30 minutes of trading and will be more prevalent in smaller cap securities.

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Additionally, orders do not necessarily fill instantaneously. We can do this by using the data. Api as sm import statsmodels. Does Moonshot support intraday strategies? IB offers over 20 bar sizes ranging from 1 month to 1 second.

My Quantopian strategy uses fundamentals in Pipeline. As you might imagine, having to explicitly reference a series of transient contracts when trading or simulating futures can make it difficult to work with them. The lack of support for international markets among most available trading platforms (which tend to be US-centric) was a major reason for QuantRocket's development. To review these output types, see lesson. QuantRocket offers a top-notch experience for quantitative trading with IB because it is custom-built around IB's strengths and capabilities. Algorithm API Core Functions As we mentioned before, a trading algorithm specifies instructions on how to process data, and what actions to take based on the results. Yes, but for large universes of stocks your strategy will need to utilize a bar size larger than 1-minute (for example, 15 or 30 minutes). Now it's time to put them all together in a basic pairs trading algorithm.

Clf16_ot(subplotsTrue Notice the using python for backtesting intraday futures trading strategy rise and subsequent drop in trading volume prior to the delivery date of the contract? You can specify the start and end dates of the simulation as well as the starting capital base using the interface next to the calendar dropdown. This allows us to get a price series that reflects the changes in the price of the actual underlying commodity/asset. The idea is to roll when the majority of traders have moved to the next contract. Pct_change 1: regression nregress( xb_returns-context. However, until recently there hasnt been much research that uses intraday moves to predict further out future returns. A backtest or live algorithm only ever runs on trading days. Note that the price of a contract might be NaN near the start_date, as it may not be actively traded until it gets closer to its delivery date. Is an Interactive Brokers account required? Note that there are some points where the volume does not exactly match, most notably in the transition from CLK16 to CLM16 between April and May.

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The same continuous_future function that we used in Research is available to us in the IDE. Some use cases do not require an IB account. Constraints) Slippage and Commission Slippage Slippage models simulate the market's impact on trades, which determines the fill rate and execution price of orders. Clf16 symbols CLF16 clf16_data history( clf16, fields'price 'volume frequency'daily start end' ) clf16_data. Experimental import continuous_future, history To create a continuous future, we just need to supply a root_symbol to the continuous_future function. It would be interesting to run some back-tests on this and see if similar results can be obtained perhaps in Amibroker or python. The Getting using python for backtesting intraday futures trading strategy Started with Futures Tutorial will walk you through the process of researching a quantitative strategy using futures, implementing that strategy in an algorithm, and backtesting it on Quantopian. Does QuantRocket support backtesting and live trading with Zipline? You can find an in-depth description of the default model in this community post.

using python for backtesting intraday futures trading strategy

Run the following code in a new cell to output the Future object corresponding to CLF16. Estimates and actuals provide analyst estimates and actuals for a variety of indicators. History( cl_contracts, fields'price frequency'daily start end' ) cl_consecutive_contract_ot The price difference between contracts at a given time is not considered to be an increase in value in the future. Does using python for backtesting intraday futures trading strategy QuantRocket support continuous futures? Below shows the performance of the authors momentum strategy based on morning returns (red) versus a more conventional momentum strategy based on close-close returns (blue src:Xu, Haoyu, Reversal, Momentum and Intraday Returns (April 30, 2017). Note: volume rolls will not occur earlier than 7 trading days before the auto_close_date. Some strategies might involve trading futures and equities together. If the volume swap doesn't happen before the auto_close_date, the contract will roll at this date. # Adjustments are covered in the next section.

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What bar sizes are available from IB? Essentially, if two time series are cointegrated, there is an equilibrium relationship between them in the long run, even if they seem to diverge substantially from that equilibrium in the short term. The difference is that we do not need to specify a start or end date. He then selects the top ranked stocks based on the cumulative returns of both the morning (first two hours) and afternoon (closing two hours) sessions to see if there is any effect from separating out the two. The full list includes: 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 8 hours, 4 hours, 3 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 mins, 20 mins, 15 mins, 10 mins, 5 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins,. Please note that, due to restrictions imposed by the exchanges, IB does not provide market data via API for Norway or mainland China stocks, therefore these exchanges are currently unsupported by QuantRocket. Experimental import continuous_future, history cl_future continuous_future CL xb_future continuous_future XB cl_price history(cl_future, start end fields'price xb_price history(xb_future, start end fields'price Now, contracts for these futures have different multipliers. To using python for backtesting intraday futures trading strategy learn more, see the Reuters Worldwide Fundamentals data guide. For example, to instantiate a continuous future for Light Sweet Crude Oil (CL) we can type the following in the algorithm editor: We can store the reference to CL's continuous future in a context variable as follows: imary_cl continuous_future. And rbob Gasoline soline continuous_future XB roll'calendar # Long and short moving average window lengths context.

Every_day time_rket_open def rebalance_pairs(context, data # Calculate how far away the current spread is from its equilibrium zscore calc_spread_zscore(context, data) # Get target weights to rebalance portfolio target_weights get_target_weights(context, data, zscore) if target_weights: # If we have target weights, rebalance portfolio order_optimal_portfolio(. For example, CLF16 is a contract for crude oil with delivery date in January (F) 2016 (16). It covers many of the basics of the Quantopian API, and is designed for those who are new to the platform. QuantRocket can collect Reuters fundamental data from IB and store it in a database for analysis, backtesting, and trading. It seems that the first two hours of trading carries most of the information for investors. Xu, Haoyu, Reversal, Momentum and Intraday Returns (April 30, 2017).

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There is no path to easy riches with algo trading. Optimize as opt def initialize(context # Light Sweet Crude Oil _future continuous_future CL # rbob Gasoline Futures context. We also offer premium support options if you prefer customized, hands-on help. When the zscore goes above a certain threshold, we want to open a long position on one leg of the pair and short the other. If you're interested in a hosted version of QuantRocket that includes server monitoring and maintenance, we offer a hosted infrastructure premium support option.

using python for backtesting intraday futures trading strategy