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LongEma: optional, default 48 - The number of candles to use for the long (slow) moving average. Interval: optional, default 48 - The number of candles to compute the volume profile and average volume from. This usually means a sharp spike/drop is happening (especially for smaller Altcoins). Similar to CandleRepeater and DayTrendFollower strategy. TrendlineScapler: Strategy has pre-configured support/resistance lines.

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MarketMakerOffset: Strategy that acts as a crypto day trading bot strategy market maker by placing 2 corresponding buy/sell limit orders a certain percentage away from each other. Values: 123 minVolumeSpike: optional, default.1 - The min volume compared to the average volume of 'interval' candles to open a position at a support or resistance. In that case we wait (don't trade based on Bollinger) and trade based on Aroon if it stays at 100 for 'breakout' candles. MinVolBtc: The minimum volume for the current candle and average volume to prevent spikes near 0 trading volume. KeepTrendOpen: optional, default true - Don't close if the last candle moved in our direction (only applicable with 'time' and 'candleSize' being set). MakerOnly: optional, default true - Place only maker orders (never pay the taker fee). Just like regular or manual trading, automated trading with a Kraken bot also has its risks. Position: optional, default 'none' - The position the strategy has to be in for the order to be executed. Long: optional, default 26 - Number of candles for the long EMA line of macd.

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In a fast moving market like the cryptocurrency market, its becoming very popular to automatize the whole process of trading. Become a member and join.000 other Hoppers today! This information is used by WolfBot before executing arbitrage trades to ensure that the arbitrage opportunity is profitable. For example: USD_BTC, BTC_ETC. This strategy needs StopLoss and/or TakeProfit strategies to close positions (closeLossCandles can be StopLoss). Signal: optional, default 9 - Number of candles for the macd signal line (candles for EMA(short) - EMA(long). A value 0 means Bollinger Bandwidth has to be below this value. Low: optional, default 20 - Below this value RSI will be considered oversold. ADX must be below this value. Values: updownbothnotifywatch minPriceChangePercent: optional, default.0 - The minimum percent the price has to change to confirm the volume spike and trade. TradeDirection: optional, default up - The direction in which this strategy shall open positions.

Currency: Enter the currency (USD, BTC, ETH,.) of which you want to place loans. You configure how much of a cryptocurrency a bot can trade with, how often it will trade and when it will start or stop trading. 'watch' only computes the spike values for manual inspection. Set this to 0 to exit immediately, Leg: Arbitrage strategy using limit orders with 1 leg "standing" on the current price rate of the higher-volume exchange. TakeProfitCandleSize: optional, default 10 - The candle size minutes to wait for the first candle opposite to our open position after a close order has been issued. SetbackProfit: optional, default 0 (disabled) - Use a higher stop after a certain profit has been reached. RsiscalpOrderer: Strategy that uses the RSI indicator for scalping. Values: bouncebreakout tradeInterval: The time interval to look for extreme price points to trade. InitialOrder: optional, default empty - Just wait for the first candle trend and follow.

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Are you good with TA? Close positions after price difference moves x closer spreadEntry: How many the market spread between the 2 exchanges has to be to open positions on both of them. If we are in a sideways market: It uses Aroon and requires both 50 crypto day trading bot strategy and trade between upper and lower band. Values: emasmadema short: optional, default 2 - Number of candles for the short EMA line. And we built an automated crypto robot based on this research.

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Kraken is one of the few exchanges that offers trading to multiple currencies (USD, CAD, YEN, EUR). This setting might cause a position to be never closed. ProfitTargetPercent: optional, default.5. BollingerDayTrader: Strategy that looks at macd histogram (or EMA) to check if we are in an up or down trend. Values pass forceMaker: optional, default false - Only place a maker order (not paying the higher taker fee). EnsureProfit: optional, default true - Check if we still have profit after 'time' has passed.

EarlyStopLoss: A stop loss strategy that looks at fast price movements (RSI with small candle size) and exits the market immediately. At the end of the wave (consisting of bigger candles) it will schedule to close the position on the first candle of this small size moving against our position. Counter starts on close of a position. This strategy works with a small candle size (1min) while the strategy giving the order can have a larger candle size. AdxTrend: ADX will be considered trending when above this value. A bearish divergence is when the price makes a higher high (HH) while the chosen indicator makes a lower high (LH). This means that it will only execute buy/sell orders if there is already an open position. Triggers are configurable sets of conditions for your automated Kraken trader. Useful if increase the position by manual trading. Cryptohopper has been featured in many reputable sources.

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The min volume compared to the average volume of the last 'interval' candles to open a position at a divergence. Otherwise trade resistance (open a position in the opposite direction). TimeProfit: optional, default 0 (disabled) - A higher/lower time to close if position is in profit. You simply download and run the software on your own. TradeDirection: optional, default both - In which direction shall this strategy trade.

MakerMode: optional, default fixed - Fixed means we place orders at percent steps away from the last trade price. The indicator to use to check for bullish/bearish divergence on new price highs/lows. It is measured as the number of orderbook price-level entries, so depending on the minimum trade tick size of each exchange the actual number of orders might be different on both exchanges. If you are trading on small candles (5min) then a value.5 or lower can also be a good setting. Also, please give this strategy a 5 star if you enjoyed it! The subscription price starts to add up to over 10,000 per year for the more advanced version.

crypto day trading bot strategy

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InitialStop: optional, default false - Use the candle high/low of the current candle as initial stop on sell/buy actions. different trailing stop percentages for long and short positions - tighter stop after a position reaches a defined percentage of profit - keep the position open depending on current RSI and current candle trend - automatically adjust stop. High: optional, default 80 - Above this value RSI will be considered overbought. TradingViewSignal: Strategy that buys or sells based on m signals. This is a more advanced version of the PatternRepeater strategy. Wait x minutes before executing the same order again (in case the market moves rapidly). Simply put: If there is a price spike against our position. Each indicator here must have it's own config added to your current config file. This strategy will never close short positions during RSI oversold. The whole financial system has been taken over by algorithms, and soon enough, the cryptocurrency market will experience the same thing.

The stop will only be triggered after the counter reaches. ConversionPeriod: basePeriod: spanPeriod: displacement: MFI: Strategy that emits buy/sell based on the MFI indicator. VolumeSpikeStopper: VolumeSpikeDetector version that closes a position immediately if there is a huge spike in volume (somebody dropping/buying lots of money) against an open position. OpenDecreasingHist: optional, default 0 open on Histogram 0 (minimum). Time: optional, default 0 - After the stop price is reached start a countdown of x seconds before closing the position. OpenBreakouts: optional default true - Open a new position even if the current candle isn't the min/max candle as long as it confirms with the current on EMA crossover trend.

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MinCandles: The minimum number of candles a position has to be open before being closed. If set to 'reversal' it goes short on 'high' and long on 'low'. Order: The order to submit. Values: emasmadema long: optional, default 7 - Number of candles for the dema line. Values: bidsasks priceAddPercent: default.05 - The percentage the prices on the market we make shall differ from the leg exchange we mirror the orderbook from. It is just a sample and placeholder. Feed: optional, default BitmexMarketData - The exchange feed crypto day trading bot strategy to use to get liquidations from.

OnlyImmediate: optional, default true. High: optional, default 50 - Only go long if the confirmation indicator is above this value. CrossMAType: optional, default EMA - The moving average type to use. Can be: buysellcloseLongcloseShort comp: Execute the action if the price is above or below the configured rate? SetbackLong: optional, default 0 (use 'setback - The trailing stop percentage the price has to move against an open long position for the stop to be triggered. Use 100 to trade the same amount again and double your position size. PercentDecrease: Decrease the minimum interest rate of your loans by this percentage every hour if not all of your funds have been taken as loans. AroonLow: optional, default 50 - The max value the other Aroon value can have for the up/down trend to be confirmed (prevent trading in sideways markets). Values: emasmadema shortEma: optional, default 13 - The number of candles to use for the short (fast) moving average. The value of x depends on 'minSurfCandles' and 'patternSize'. Values: emasmadema takeProfitTicks: optional, default 0 (disabled). MinDiffPercent: Open a position if the cost to rise/lower the price by 'percentChange' differs this much.

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This strategy will start a buy trade after RSI oversold ends. This strategy must be added to your config too. BollingerBandProtection: optional, default true - Only place order pairs within Bollinger Bands to protect against volatile markets where it is more likely that only 1 order will get filled. LogTradeTicks: optional, default 300 - Log the current low and high price points after every x trade ticks. Remember that this means your volatility values will change a lot if you change the candle size (as do all unbound technical indicators). A trading bot can also detect chart patterns that are more difficult to spot by a human eye. Here you can earn more than just your trade gains. Keep in mind that during Backtesting trading fees are deducted which might still decrease your total balance if 'profitTargetPercent' isn't high enough and during real-time trading exchanges will charge you interest rates for margin trading. If present takes precedence over 'profit'.

MAType: optional, default 0 (SMA) - The moving average type of BollingerBands. VolumeCandleSize: optional, default 60 min - The trade period in minutes for 'volume'. It works well on 1h candles and closes positions only if they are in profit. High: optional, default 100 - Open a long position after CCI goes above this value. We are subjective for including Bitcoin Signal Robot in our top 5 crypto bots, but our backtesting results are a solid proof that this crypto bot is capable to generate some nice profits. The min percentage the current price has to diverge from the highest volume profile bar to open a position.

crypto day trading bot strategy

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Setback: The trailing stop percentage the price has to move against an open position for the stop to be triggered. This strategy will open and close existing positions, so don't combine it with take-profit or stop-loss strategies to avoid unintended side effects (positions closing at a loss). Interval: optional, default 25 - The number of Aroon candles to compute the Aroon trend from. You can start trading with as little as 100. Long: The number of candles for the indicator. After a sharp drop when the price goes up again (scalping, also see MomentumTurn strategy). If you buy cryptocurrency at for example 100 USD and sell it at 105 USD, and do this many times a day, than you can generate profits really quick, even if the crypto itself does not incline in value at all. Works best with large candle sizes such as 24h (1440 min) or 12h (720 min). BookDepthPerSide: default 20 - The price-depth of bids and asks that shall be mirrored. PatternSize: The size in candles the pattern shall have. If youre quicker in terms of trade execution, you have a time advantage. Use negative values to decrease. NoiseFilterFactor: optional, default.5 - Increase crypto day trading bot strategy the max histogram after a loss trade.

Type: optional, default 'standard' - The Pivot Points calculation method you want to use. Values: buysell stop: The trigger (and price) at which to place the order. This settings decides if we open a long position on a new price high or a short (resp. This strategy works very well for daytrading with candle sizes from 30min. This value always takes precedence over 'setback' and 'setbackLong'. AroonMax: optional, default 96 - The min value Aroon Up/Down must reach to be considered an up/down breakout in price. Strategy specific configuration options for all trading strategies: noop: This strategy does nothing. SpikeFactor: The minimum volume spike to close an open position if the price moves against our position. Can be 0 to use dynamic setback: historyCandles average movement dynamicFactor: optional, default.0 - A factor to multiply the dynamic setback with. EnterHigh: The min RSI value to open a long position after RSI reached its 'low' value. ExpirationPercent: optional, default 3 - Only execute orders at price levels that are within x of the set support/resistance crypto day trading bot strategy lines. PercentReached: optional, default.05 - A number indicating how close to b the price has to be to consider it 'reached'. Long: Number of candles for the long EMA line.

crypto day trading bot strategy