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Prerequisite(s EGL 101 and VIS 101 or VIS 110 Credits: 3 (3,0) ART 245 - Visual Art Studies and Studio in Greece This course will introduce the Ancient through Byzantine periods of art as they occurred in Greece. Prerequisite(s EGL 101 with a C or higher Credits: 3 (3,0) SOC 311 - African American Leadership This course examines African American political leadership in the United States from the antebellum era through the 21st century. Credits: 9 (1,0,24) SMT 448 - Sport Management Internship II Supervised work experience in corporate settings, amateur and professional sport agencies, colleges and universities, and community sport organizations. Please check with the Department Chairperson and the College Bulletin for further details. Credits: 3 (3,0) AVN 401 - Aviation Economics This course covers the economic history of the air carrier industry from 1911 to the present. Credits: 3 (3,0) SPA 243 - Spanish III (Intermediate) A continuation of Spanish 142 for students who have had 2 or 3 years of high school Spanish. Additionally students who have not acquired sufficient clinical skills in their clinical course work will have the opportunity to remediate in this course. Prerequisite(s VIS 370 Credits: 3 (2,2) VIS 354 - Corporate Identity This course will explore the visual components behind creating and establishing a corporate identity. Fall Note: Students cannot get credit for DEN 221 and DEN 221W.

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Students will also create 2-D and black scholes formula binary option excel 3-D files on CAD software and learn how to export the CAD files to CAM software. New optical, electrical, physical, and chemical properties of materials at nanoscale that may have a significant beneficial impact are examined. Students will apply this knowledge to their own calligraphy projects. Prerequisite(s CHM 270 and Permission of Department Chair. Prerequisite(s Any 100-level or higher HIS course Credits: 3 (3,0) HIS 317 - Irish History The study of Irish history with a view toward understanding the development of the Irish nation focused upon matters political, legal, religious, and military in nature. Topics include: Optical fibers; attenuation and dispersion; optical sources such as light emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes; optical amplifiers; passive components; photodetectors; PIN and avalanche photodiodes; optical receivers and sensitivity; optical system design issues including power budget, bandwidth. Credits: 3 (3,0) BCS 345 - java Programming This course is designed for students with some experience with programming. This course encompasses conceptualization, design and production of actual advertising campaigns. The topics will include function of a wireless system, basic technologies for wireless, wireless applications, wireless internet, hardware and standards for wireless networks, and building and maintaining a wireless system. Topics covered include time value of money; financial statement analysis; valuation models; risks and rates of return; calculating beta coefficients; working capital management; capital budgeting; the cost of capital leverage and dividend policy; and financial forecasting. It is taken concurrently with IXD-320 Interaction Design III: User Experience. Digital tools will allow students to identify trends and patterns in order to determine police service allocations based on collected data The science and foundation principles of geographical information systems design and operation will be reviewed.

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Credits: 1-3 (2,2) HOR 131 - Landscape Drafting I This course introduces students to essential drafting techniques and design fundamentals. This course is intended for students enrolled in the Professional Communications curriculum. Credits: 3 (3,0) PSY 325 - Principles of Survey Research This course covers the basic principles of survey research related to the design, evaluation, implementation, and analysis of surveys. Prerequisite(s Junior Status Credits: 3 (3,0) HIS 331 - History of New York State This course will examine the development of New York State from its Native American, Dutch, and British colonial origins until today. Credits: 9 (1,0,24) BUS 482 - Business Internship II This senior-level course is designed to give students who have completed BUS 379 an opportunity to continue to gain in-depth work experience and skills under the tutelage of a business professional. Software will include solutions for vector illustration, bitmap image manipulation, layout and print production as they pertain to design decisions. Laboratory assignments make use of assembly level as well as a high level programming language. Credits: 1-3 (1,6) HOR 210 - Horticulture Materials and the Environment This course is intended to focus on various horticultural materials and practices that have an impact on the public and the environment. AET 492 - Special Topics: Electric Vehicle. The student becomes familiar with the training airplane and learns how the airplane controls are used to establish and maintain specific flight attitudes and ground tracks.

The students will be required to interface input and output devices to the embedded controller and quantify associated hardware/software trade-offs. This can be done in a number of ways such as indexing or otherwise adjusting the exercise price of options to the average performance of the firm's particular industry to screen out broad market effects, (e.g. In addition, the course offers an introduction to applied fields such as industrial organization (market structures labor economics, international trade, and market failure. While a thematic approach to African politics is stressed in the course, an underlying current in the course will be the tensions that exist between opposing forces in African politics. Students will also form communication channels with public garden professions. Prerequisite(s VIS 372 Credits: 3 (2,2) VIS 484 - Illustration Portfolio I In this course, students will use all the technical skills, conceptual abilities and general knowledge accumulated throughout their illustration education, to develop their illustration portfolios. Dilemma, and indifference curves) to understand issues such as competition, purchasing/investment decisions, risk-taking and risk-avoiding behavior, diversity, and collective action. Credits: 3 (3,0) SPA 251 - Spanish Composition and Conversation This course is an upper intermediate level course for students who are already proficient speakers of Spanish and have formal knowledge to the language. Prerequisite(s BCS 130 with a grade of C or higher. The course will outline the ethical and legal issues involved in service provision.

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Prerequisite(s Permission of the Department Chair and Junior/Senior Level status and admission to NYS Assembly/Senate Internship Program. In this course students will examine the increasingly important role time-based media plays in the world of graphic design. Prerequisite(s Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene and EGL 101 with a C or higher and DEN 309 Credits: 3 (3,0) DEN 407 - Dental Hygiene Practicum Seminar This course is designed as a pre-requisite to DEN 409 Dental Hygiene Practicum. Prerequisite(s Any 200 level Sociology course. Topics will include waves, light, relativity, quantum physics, the nucleus and elementary particles. Special attention is placed on the social functions that deviance serves in society, and the inequalities that emerge in the criminal legal system. Prerequisite(s MLT 105 with a grade of C or higher Corequisite(s MLT 257L Credits: 3 (2,3) MLT 258 - Clinical Microbiology II Theory The principles of general microbiology including cell structure and function, antibiotic action, and microbial growth are discussed.

A complete oral and written presentation is required of black scholes formula binary option excel each student explaining the design process and specifications, cost considerations, testing and/or computer simulation results when appropriate. Prerequisite(s BIO 170 or BIO 270 or ANT 330 all with a grade of C- or higher Credits: 3 (3,0) BIO 455 - Validation and Regulatory Affairs An introduction is provided to governmental oversight of drugs, devices and biotherapeutics. The cognitive processes of attention, pattern recognition, language, comprehension, and thinking will be reviewed in terms of their application to cognitive activities such as decision-making, reasoning, problem solving, and creativity. Prerequisite(s Any 100-level or higher SOC, HIS, or POL course. Prerequisite(s BUS 201 or department approval Credits: 3 (3,0) BUS 330 - Cost Management Systems This upper-level course pertains to the key elements of cost management systems of manufacturing and service organizations. Note: Offered at the discretion of the Science, Technology, Society Department Prerequisite(s Senior status in STS program and approval of Department Chair and EGL 101 with a grade of C or higher. Archived from the original (PDF).

Throughout this course the student continues to develop self-awareness, professionalism, and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to practice nursing in a caring, non-judgmental manner in an increasingly complex health care system. Among the topics covered are: arrays, pointers, strings, classes, data abstraction, inheritance, composition and overloading. Topics include techniques of integration, applications of the definite integral, multivariable calculus, and an introduction to Differential Equations. Students will present their final project to invited architects at the end of the semester. Prerequisite(s NUR 215 and NUR 216 with a grade of C or higher Corequisite(s NUR 301H Credits: 4 (2,0) NUR 302 - Pathophysiology In this course students will examine normal body structure and function as well as concepts related to physiologic. Prerequisite(s AVN 470 or AVN 480 with a grade of C or higher Credits: 3 (3,0) AVN 480 - Air Cargo Operations-Advanced The course will expand upon the introductory concepts learned in AVN 280. The expense is black scholes formula binary option excel indeed based on the fair value of the options but that fair value measure does not follow the fair value rules for other items which are governed by a separate set of rules under ASC Topic 820. 10 Further, some models even allow for (randomly) varying statistical (and other) parameters of the sources of uncertainty. Using a biopsychosocial approach, behavioral patterns that result in cardiovascular disease, cancer, alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases and other conditions will be explored. Prerequisite(s EET 223 Credits: 3 (2,3) EET 311 - Network Analysis A calculus based network analysis course that introduces the use of Laplace transforms in the analysis of both active and passive lumped parameter time-invariant linear networks. Topics will include planning, political risk, organizing, decision-making, and controlling as pertaining to international management and operations.

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Also covered are analysis of business combinations; statutory mergers, consolidations, acquisition of subsidiaries, preparation of consolidated financial statements including the equity method and elimination entries. Note: BIO 120 is approved in the Natural Sciences General Education Competency Area and can serve as a lower-level laboratory science elective within the Liberal Arts. Prerequisite(s MTH 360 Credits: 3 (3,0) MTH 490 - Topics in Applied Mathematics Lectures in applied mathematics that may introduce topics not covered in the Applied Mathematics curriculum or may expand upon the content of existing courses. Note: Offered at the discretion of the Architectural/Construction Management Department (3,0) CON 162 - Materials and Methods of Construction II A continuation of CON 161 extended to include the study of architectural properties of selected materials, methods of construction, and building components. Aicpa 's Financial Reporting Alert describes these contracts as amounting to a "short" position in the employer's equity, unless the contract is tied to some other attribute of the employer's balance sheet. Prerequisite(s EGL 102 with a grade of C or higher Credits: 3 (3,0) EGL 269 - The Romantic Arts: Art, Dance, Literature and Music This course examines the art, dance, literature and music of the Romantic Period of each of the disciplines. The basics of telephony, switching systems, multiplexing, analog and digital signaling principles, modulation principles, transmissions equipment, and data communication networks are covered. Prerequisite(s DEN 220, DEN 225 BIO 220T with a grade of C or higher Corequisite(s DEN 335 Credits: 2 (2,0) DEN 335 - Essentials of Clinical Practice I This clinical course is designed to build on the foundational knowledge of dental hygiene care.

The target chips are Xilinx fpgas and Xilinx tools are used to simulate and to "place and route" the design. It will pertain to a general sport topic or a current event that is occurring in the sport industry. Storing application data using a database will be explored. Students will employ these methods to translate a concept into sketches through multiple iterations. Credits: 3 (3,0) ANT 110 - Sociocultural Anthropology Sociocultural Anthropology is concerned with examination of the social and cultural similarities and differences in the world's human populations. Related laboratory activities and demonstrations are included in the required laboratory section (AET106L).

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Discussion of recovery and identification of the Mycobacteria, Spirochetes, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma will be included. Prerequisite(s HOR 171 Corequisite(s HOT 271L Credits: 2 (1,3,4) HOR 275 - Italian Gardens: Art and Nature This course is held in conjunction with Florence University of the Arts during a three week summer semester in Italy. Credits: 1 (0,0,3) PED NC2 - ncaa Physical Education Credit The Sports Management and Physical Education Departments offer one credit of Physical Education given to any student that participates, in accordance with department guidelines, on an ncaa approved athletic team offered at Farmingdale State College. This course also introduces fundamentals of reinforced concrete design including strength design for beams, columns, footings, and two way slabs. Prerequisite(s One social science course and HIS 114 and HIS 115 and EGL 102. Prerequisite(s VIS 332, 334 both with a Grade of C or higher Credits: 3 (2,2) VIS 416 - Senior Project I The Senior Project I class is the capstone of the Visual Communications baccalaureate experience. Selected topics of current interest in Automotive Engineering Technology. Prerequisite(s EGL 102 Credits: 3 (3,0) PCM 352 - Special Topics in Professional Communications Courses that range from 341-352 are special topics courses. - Interactive Statistical Calculation

Prerequisite(s VIS 122 Credits: 3 (2,2) VIS 225 - Photography I This course introduces photographic principles with the primary emphasis on the technical issues of photography in studio and natural lighting conditions. Prerequisite(s BUS 109, BUS 280 Credits: 3 (3,0) BUS 327 - Risk Management and Insurance This course is designed to assist the student in the identification and analysis of the major types of financial risk management and insurance. Sometimes an oral history is the only record we have of an event or an entire people, which means the oral historian has a special responsibility. Prerequisite(s BUS 109 Credits: 3 (3,0) BUS 450W - American Business History (Writing Intensive) The course focuses on major problems in American business history covering the period from the early colonial period (mid-1700's) through the present time. The course concludes with the political repercussions of the Cold War in the region, and its connection to the neoliberal economic policies established in the 1990s and early 2000s. The application of such knowledge to the design of devices, systems, and environments for use by people will be discussed. Credits: 1-3 (2,2) HOR 216 - Greenhouse Management II The study of florist crops, modern technical applications, and cultural requirements, as used in the production of cut flowers and pot plants in the floriculture industry. Prerequisite(s BUS 502 with a grade of C or better and Graduate Status in ETM and permission of the graduate coordinator. Herbicides and their selectivity, performance and methods of application will also be discussed. Prerequisite(s ANT 100 or ANT 110 or ANT 120 and one 200 level ANT course Credits: 3 (3,0) ANT 329 - Advanced Topics in Anthropology This course offers students the chance to study short term topics of specialized, more advanced areas of anthropology. Numerous materials, equipment, operations, usages, programs, and work procedures for proper and efficient management of specialized turfgrass areas, including golf courses and institutional and residential properties are studied. Credits: 3 (2,2) VIS 216 - Painting I This course will introduce students to the basic principles of painting. S personal aesthetic will be encouraged.

Prerequisite(s CHM 152 Credits: 4 (3,3) CHM 260 - Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry A one semester course in organic chemistry designed to provide background in the fundamentals of nomenclature, mechanisms, structures, and synthesis of carbon based compounds. The first module concerns the exploration of culture as a determinant of one? Prerequisite(s AVN 104 and AVN 105 with a grade of C or higher FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test (with a grade of 70 or better). 29 See also edit References edit see Employee Stock Option FAQ's Archived at the Wayback Machine "Exhibit.02 Sample Stock Option Agreement". Credits: 3 (1,0,6) ARC 476 - Architectural Design IV Continuation of Architectural Design III. Private Pilot Flight to Certificate will enable the student to meet the requirements necessary to obtain a Private Pilot certificate. Credits: 3 (1,0,6) STS 402 - Internship in Science, Technology, Society This course is designed for Science, Technology, Society (STS) majors who wish to complete a semester-long (or equivalent) internship as part of their course of study. Prerequisite(s AVN 300 or 300W Credits: 3 (3,0) AVN 410 - Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot Rating This course prepares the Commercial Pilot with single-engine and instrument ratings to add multi-engine airplane privileges to his/her certificate. Necessary for the Private Pilot certificate.

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Several of the evergreens, broad and narrow leaf, as well as some of the deciduous trees and shrubs will be covered in this first study. The intent of the course is to help the student to synthesize skills and knowledge learned in other courses to apply in real-life situations. Computer lab sessions will also provide practice in using statistical software for data summarization, presentation, and analysis. Study will include: mass, volume, line, surface, plane, space, time and motion. Approximately one-quarter of the class is devoted to three-dimensional representation of the figure through modeling the nude figure in clay. The course includes extensive primary literature use, focusing on both recent literature and classic papers within the field. Prerequisite(s PHY 151 Corequisite(s MTH 151 Credits: 3 (2,0,2) PHY 161 - University Physics Laboratory Laboratory experiments associated black scholes formula binary option excel with PHY 151 and part of PHY 152. Students gain experience in working in small groups and in written and oral presentation of project results, and will be evaluated with respect to the skills acquired in their degree program. This course will be conducted through lectures, demonstrations, critiques and predominantly through the interaction between instructor and student.

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A multi-cultural and cross-gender perspective will provide focus. The Great institutions to be visited may include: the Louvre, the Rijks Museum and Hague to name a few. The project selected will utilize skills and knowledge black scholes formula binary option excel acquired in earlier AET studies. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate beginning skills in the nursing laboratory, and apply these skills to the clinical setting to provide holistic care to individuals and families. Students will explore the linkages between physical and human geography, focusing on a particular topic,.g., globalization, technology, youth, cities, trade and economic development, etc.

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Note: Students seeking credit for health care shadowing/assisting and/or volunteer work should register for BIO 380 and/or BIO 381 instead. Finally, alternative management practices which reduce the use of horticultural materials and cultural methods will be examined. Students are expected to learn and identify the major flowers used in the trade. It also covers bid strategies, life cycle cost analysis, and cost-benefit ratio analysis. Prerequisite(s Permission of department Chairperson Credits: 3 (1,0,6) RAM 101 - First Year Seminar This course assists new students in transitioning from high school to college. Prerequisite(s ARC 257 Credits: 4 (3,0,2) ARC 399 - Applied Research Topics A program of applied research and independent study on topics a faculty member is currently working. The reference to contractual term requires that the model incorporates the effect of vesting on the valuation. Students read selections from different literary genres (poetry, drama, and narrative fiction). Computer simulations will be performed during the required laboratory section using the CAD and finite element simulation software.

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We will then address plant selection in the context of specialized ecological communities and the design of landscapes with native plant material. Laboratory exercises provide hands-on examination of lecture topics, while emphasizing common research techniques. Prerequisite(s Permission of department chairperson Credits: 1 (0,3) MLT 483 - Practicum in Molecular Pathology Students practice clinical skills in Molecular Pathology through a ten day clinical internship at an off campus affiliated clinical laboratory under the guidance of clinical laboratory personnel. Credits: 3 (3,0) BCS 405 - IS Development Project Management This course will cover Project Management tools and techniques for Systems Development projects. Prerequisite(s BCS 300 with a grade of C or higher.