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Spend Bitcoin Cash View More How can my business use Bitcoin Cash? In this case, youll have to figure out for yourself whether this is the case or not, and how to. Great for long term storage. But in my opinion hardware wallets are superior to paper wallets. It is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. . Getting Started View More Where do I store my Bitcoin Cash? Your BCH isnt going anywhere. Here are the wallets and exchanges supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Once you know what youre doing, move your BCH either to a new address or wallet that you control, or perhaps to an exchange to sell, or whatever it is you want to do with your free money. Secure World's most robust blockchain technology. Wallet, store your, bitcoin, cash offline on a Paper. Using (or Selling) Your BCH Once you have claimed your BCH, you can use it however you please.

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This includes instructions for full node wallets. Bitcoin (BTC) network has hard forked into. Trezor has also published a blog post on how to claim your BCH, which you can find here. And if you were using the m wallet, you should also have access to your BCH. Buy The Ledger Nano S Now. At the time of writing that article, much was still uncertain about how this event would play out. Now, lets keep everything aside to quickly jump and see who is supporting. (Source: Bitcoin Unlimited ) Download BU Bitcoin Cash Now. So far this tool works only in the web version, but it should soon be available for Android and iOS versions, too. It allows you to control your private keys and supports a maximum number of cryptocurrencies get a bitcoin cash wallet right now in the market. Anyone who held bitcoin at 12:20.m.

If you need a reference guide to make a paper wallet then refer to this one. It is therefore best to move your BTC to a new address. Its the get a bitcoin cash wallet simplest way to send or receive Bitcoin Cash. This release is being offered by the Bitcoin Unlimited Developers unofficially until the BU community has the opportunity to vote on whether Bitcoin Cash should be officially supported. Hardware, wallet, keep your, bitcoin, cash in a secure hardware wallet. Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet ) If you have a Ledger Nano S, then now you need not do anything to get ahold of your BCH after the fork. KeepKey (Hardware Wallet ) KeepKeys support for Bitcoin Cash is now available. But I prefer to use Ledger Nano S and Trezor more for convenience and faster cryptocurrency integration. Working together, we can build a technical foundation to empower.

Just like any other (alt)coin, you could for example sell it for BTC, or perhaps spend it somewhere, or move it to another wallet, etcetera. However, Electrum itself has issued an official warning concerning Electron Cash. I will be updating this list of BCH wallets as more keep popping up, so keep an eye here! Bitcoin, cash into your business. The bad news is that its not necessarily easy or safe to claim get a bitcoin cash wallet your BCH straight away. As such, if you dont care about BCH at all right now, you dont need to do a thing. Now, post-fork, such Bitcoiners can simply use those BTC private keys to claim their BCH in a BCH-supported wallet. Bitcoin private keys in the meantime you can still claim your BCH at any point in the future. But stay tuned Buy Trezor Now. Everything is still very uncertain and subject to change: Be extremely careful! Do let me know in the comments section about which wallets you are using to access your BCH funds.

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Top 10 Best Wallets For Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You can make a backup of this folder using the menu in your wallet, and select: "Backup wallet ". When you spend from a BCH address, you do not reveal your private key, but you do reveal your public key (which is not the same as your Bitcoin address). Instead, its best to install it on a completely different computer. It is only available for Android as of now, but iOS support is also coming soon. The third factor was already mentioned but bears repeating: if youre using insecure software to claim your BCH, your BTC may be at risk.

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Bitcoin, cash aims to continue this vision of bringing sound money to the world. See this Reddit post post for a series of links. (Additionally, if you move your BTC to one of your own addresses before touching BCH, you reduce the risk of replay attacks get a bitcoin cash wallet but as mentioned, if all goes well this shouldnt be a factor in the first place.) So, to Recap. BU Bitcoin Cash Client (Desktop Wallet ) Bitcoin Unlimiteds Bitcoin Cash edition has been released, and it supports BCH. . Update, August 8: We have not yet received or seen any reports of problems. However, there are not many BCH wallets, as it is only a few days old! Electron Cash is fast, because it uses servers that index the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Therefore, you are going to want to take your time and make sure you understand what you are doing well enough to do it without exposing your private keys. Please note: Everything in this article is just advice, based on our best understanding of the current situation. Note: though this guide is for making Bitcoin paper wallet the process is similar for making BCH paper wallet also. This advice was given in the context of storing your coins long-term in particular. The third hardware wallet, Digital Bitbox, has published an FAQ on how to access your BCH. Here is the official CoinSutra post on how to claim your free BCH from the Ledger Nano. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Desktop, wallet, try using a Desktop, wallet to bring.

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Bitcoin, cash (BCH this hard fork has now created. Bitcoin, cash, as I know many of you might be looking to grab or trade your free Bitcoin Cash coins. The first factor is privacy. Most wallets use a recovery seed. Moreover, they have stated that: If the fork is successful, you will automatically have the equivalent amount of BCH as the amount of Bitcoin stored in your m wallet. Mobile, wallet, a mobile wallet is great for storing and spending. Update, August 7: Coinomi has integrated BCH into their wallet, and uses a private key seed compatible with several of the wallets listed on

See here their official guide. Mobile Wallets Desktop Wallets Hardware Wallets Paper Wallets « Getting Started Buy or Earn Bitcoin Cash »). If you want to use your BCH in any way, it's probably best to first move your BTC to a whole new address that you control, get a bitcoin cash wallet or even to a whole new wallet generated from a new seed. Once again, whichever of these wallets you used, your BCH should be safe and theres no rush to claim them. Close, the, bitcoin, cash, roadmap, compatible Implementations: Bitcoin. Check out CashAddress. Therefore, the BCH version of Electrum, dubbed Electron Cash, should allow you to do this, too. See and explore their step by step guide on recovering BCH using their BCH recovery tool.

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Mind you, this is not the fork which you use to eat noodles, but the fork/split of the most legendary cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and the free money created from thin air. But actually being able to claim them may differ a bit from wallet to wallet. (In fact, its probably best to use it on a different computer than the one where you hold any bitcoins or any other sensitive data, for that matter.) Additionally, first move the BTC from your paper wallet. Jaxx (Mobile Desktop Wallet ) Jaxx is another popular multi-currency HD wallet which allows you to control your private keys. Ele ctron Cash (Desktop Mobile Wallet ) Electron Cash is the fork of the original Bitcoin wallet, Electrum. Once youve done this, you should be able to import this backup into a Bitcoin Cash full node, like Bitcoin ABC. (This may change in the future.) Update, August 8: We have not yet received or seen any reports of problems. Simple Easy to use. And in part because the situation is still developing, even this article may contain accidental errors. If get a bitcoin cash wallet your private keys are secure, your BCH are secure. Authors note: If you want to play the BTC/BCH markets as soon as possible, and you are fine with taking risks and/or you really know what you are doing, this article is probably not for you its a beginners guide.

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As such, you should be able to access your BCH by inserting this seed into a dedicated BCH wallet. For those users who are comfortable with paper, wallets can go here and make one for themselves. It is therefore probably wise to not import your private keys in such software right away; instead, wait to see if there are any reports of problems. Its probably best to just wait until this is the case. That way, if you do mess up with insecure BCH software, you shouldn't lose your BTC. In our beginners guide to surviving the BIP 148 split, which was subsequently updated to also cover the. Get confirmed in minutes. Make sure you are comfortable with giving up this data if you are going to send your BCH to an exchange or anywhere else. Stable A payment system that's a proven store of value. There is no guarantee you will actually receive BTC after you've sold your BCH on these platforms, and possibly little repercussion if you don't. Update: After some time, Trezor has taken down BCH support as is evident from their note on their blog which says: BCH wallet has been taken down from trezor Wallet, until further notice. If you would like to access a web wallet that wont compromise your private keys, then this. Here is the official Jaxx announcement with their dos and donts list on BCH.

If you are not exactly a beginner, there is one alternative option. Your funds can be recovered from a secret phrase. These wallets store your private keys in a dedicated folder on your computer. (But dont lose your old private keys or seed: these still hold your BCH!). In short, you will either need to export your BTC private keys on a BCH-supported wallet or you just need to do some sort of software update here and there depending upon the type of wallet you are using. The last hardware wallet, KeepKey, has also published a blog post on Bitcoin Cash. Thats all from my side in this article. Other (Non- Wallets, Exchanges, etc.

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Download Jaxx Now. However, please know that you will not be able to access/send/receive your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) until the integration takes place. Today I am going to talk about the fork again and the free money is created from thin air! You dont have to do anything if you dont want to, and there is no rush. Paper Wallet Our second recommendation was to use a paper wallet. Yenom is a simple, beginner friendly Bitcoin Cash only wallet. Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Knots. Bitcoin, cash launch, we explained how to secure your private keys so you could be sure to access your BCH. Don't worry, your funds are secure. Bitcoin addresses that stored your bitcoins at time of the split.

Bitcoin, cash is worth 440, and it was just created out of thin air! Hardware Wallet Our third recommendation was to use a hardware wallet, as listed on Unfortunately, however, not many wallets actually support directly importing your private key(s) and less so for BCH. This means that whenever you spend your BCH (for example, to send them to an exchange you do not only reveal your BCH addresses but also your BTC addresses. Here, you can find, per option, how to access your BCH. And according to this post, you will be able to access BCH. The Jaxx team has decided to work on the full integration of BCH on Jaxx apps, and when the integration is complete, its users will be able to access BCH coins with a simple software update. It allows you to back up your wallet via a mnemonic seed phrase, like a true HD wallet. (Source: Bitcoin Classic ) Download Bitcoin Classic Now.

Update, August 21: Coinomi published a blog post explaining how to access your BCH using their wallet. Buy Keepkey now My Thoughts On Accessing BCH Basically, there are all sorts of methods for claiming your BCH. So if you have one of these wallets, youre in luck: this is probably the safest and easiest way to access your BCH. Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your computer. At time of writing, HitBTC and ViaBTC do allow this, but we are not comfortable recommending either of these services for now. It also has a version which supports Android mobiles, too. Businesses and individuals who use the, bitcoin, cash network should check to ensure that their software is compatible with the upgrade.