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Here's your code with the above applied: theData GetData if (unt 0) myModel new CustomModel dataSetRow ws0; var columnNames new "Column1 "Column2 "Column3 "Column4" ; foreach(var columName in columnNames) if(ntains(columName) if lue) var columnProperty tProperty(columName tValue(myModel , String(dataSetRowcolumnName, null. Give it a useful name you, and others, easily understand. Thanks, who is Participating? You had already done this correctly for dataSetRow. I have a datatable.

C# - How to, get a Specific, column, value from

DataRow odr wsj; d lue odr"columnname".ToString lue odr"columnname".ToString lue odr"columnname".ToString adOnly true; adOnly true;. I know using VB it is: Dim var as string var em PricePerItem but I need the c# code to do the same thing. GetValue or, setValue methods: tValue(user, "Abbas null With this in mind, add following changes to your code: place all your column names in an array over which you will loop simplify your code using the reflection part. I need to find CountryID in the datatable based on the user input country name. Try it for free, edge Out The Competitionfor your dream job with proven skills and certifications. Here's how your code would look like: var columnNames new "Column1 "Column2 "Column3 "Column4" ; foreach(var existingColumn in columnNames. Start your 7-day free trial. Start your trial today.NET Programming, from novice to tech pro start learning today. Try it if (unt 0) for (int j 0; j unt; j). Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license! Does anyone know how to get the value of a datatable row column using the column name. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you. It doesn't give any info on the instance.

Where(x ntains(x)!ferenceEquals(dataSetRowx, lue) foreach(var column in validColumns) var columnProperty tProperty(existingColumn tValue(myModel, null). Where(x ntains(x) if lue) var columnProperty tProperty(existingColumn tValue(myModel, null You can even take it a final step further to avoid any if statement: var validColumns columnNames. I need to fetch a certain column value based on the user input. There's only one way I can think of to achieve this: reflection. Your MyModel will become myModel. DictionaryEntry de. Casing of property names: Don't use, p ascal, c ase for local fields, use c amel, c ase instead. Enjoy your complimentary solution view. Move Your Career Forwardwith certification training in the latest technologies. It's more than this t answers and train to solve all your tech problems - anytime, anywhere. I created following extension method to get the PropertyInfo of your instance (note that it doesn't have to be placed in an extension method, I only think it looks cleaner and is good for reusability elsewhere if needed public static class Extensions. Redundant parentheses: Following: if lue) can be replaced by: if lue there's no need to encapsulate the whole expression again in parantheses.

Start learning today for free. Useful property names: I find using names as theData bad practice. Get started today, stand Outas the employee with proven skills. Is there anyway i could do this on the datatable. I could just open a connection with DB and run the query select countryID from Country where countryName @userinput. For example, lets say the datatable has two columns CountryID and CountryName. Simplifying the code: Finally, the important part! I need to find CountryID in the datatable based on the user input country name. I could just open a connection with DB and run the query select countryID from Country where countryName @userinput.

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How to get column values by specific column name from datatable in c

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