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Well, first Ill personally pay attention to their AUP (acceptable use policy) which states whats acceptable and whats not, to know if they accept the kind of content I wish to host. Website: / Agava is another offshore webhosting company with servers in Russia, the site displays copyright information from 1998 which would make it nearly 20 years old forex server vps as of today. They also do not allow the use of more than 25 of system resources for more than 90 seconds in a 6hour time-frame! . They accept payment in Cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin or in fiats via Paypal, Wire Transfers, Western Union, PaySafeCard, Payza. It doesnt allow content related to Porn, Hacking, Viruses, Scripts etc. The site says it can only be used for lawful purposes, and has prohibited content which is related to hacking, IRC, Warez, Copyrighted, Mail scripts, Escrow services, Image hosting, Audio streaming, sale of controlled substances etc. It provides Shared, VPS and also Dedicated servers. And Liberalism isnt something any govt. Payment can be made only in Fiat currencies and Paypal is one of the options available.

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I took their speedtest ( / ) and it gave.74Mbps as the download speed and.59Mbps as the uploading speed and the download speed was commendable speaking from my normal speed perspectives. Ukraine Website: / Arguably the most professional, country-oriented domain on this entire list m too provides offshore anonymous webhosting from, well you guessed it right- Ukraine! Phishing, Hacking, Botnets and other such activity-related sites too arent allowed. Shared servers are billed annually at EUR.00/year being while they may go as high as EUR.00/year, VPS starts at EUR.00/month and goes upto EUR.00/month and finally the Dedicated servers range between EUR.00 to EUR 250.00/month. They provide shared, Dedicated as well as VPS servers. However, uploading music files, local porn and such stuff may be allowed with certain companies. They accept Paypal, Credit Cards, Webmoney as well as Bitcoin. While these hosts may not specialize in some of the services, such as dedicated servers and WordPress, mentioned above, they all promise anonymity to their customers. SoloGigaBit Website: m SoloGigaBit is a company based out of Valencia, Spain and was established in the year 2006. Take a peek at our full review in the table below to see how AccuWebHosting can help get your anonymous WordPress site off the ground. It provides only Shared and VPS servers, the former starts at USD.00/month and goes upto USD.00/month. It accepts payments via Bitcoin, as well as PayPal and Bank Transfers. Are banned on the servers.

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AsiaPacific Website: m Asia Pacific was established in 2004 and offers servers from Finland, Bulgaria, Australia, London as well as USA. Child Porn, IRC bots, pirated software, Hacking, escrow, Pyramid schemes, mail bombers etc arent allowed. Only content legal under the host-country laws are allowed. The company provides only Colocation services and Dedicated servers nothing in between. However, it probably is only because the latency is effected and the site loads slower for distant visitors which in turn does effect rankings, site on time, user-interest and everything else. Website: m/ One of the best, rationally priced and fastest anonymous offshore hosting companies is what MivoCloud has established itself as in the 3 years of its existence. It accepts both Fiats as well as Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and the lowest plan starts at USD.95/month.

anonymous hosting bitcoin

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The company was established in 2010. The company was founded in 2011 and provides Dedicated servers as well as Cloud hosting. Cheap rating.8 See Reviews See more cheap hosting providers » The jury is in WordPress has won the popularity contest among content management systems, as the software now powers roughly 60 of websites. It provides shared and Dedicated servers. Shared servers start as low as USD.95/month and may cost as high as USD.95/month. They accept payment via WebMoney, SberBank, Credit Cards, Yandex, Qiwi and even SMS! Website: m 2Sync is another one of those Anonymous webhosting companies which pride itself on accepting Cryptocurrencies and preserving client anonymity. Founded in 2000 and based out of an actual, cold-war bunker in the Netherlands it claims to be the most secure datacenter in the world.

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Shared servers start from USD.9/month and the starting price for Dedicated servers is USD 154.00/month which may get anonymous hosting bitcoin as expensive as depending on the configurations you order. Their speciality is that theyre flexible for dmca hence in most cases copyrighted content can be adjusted on the server. WeBuzo Website: t/ WeBuzos tagline reads Best Offshore Hosting. It provides only Dedicated servers. Accepted payment modes include Bitcoin along with Paypal, PerfectMoney and Credit/Debit cards. Content not allowed includes Child porn, carding, phishing, hacking, botnet, and even content in Russian. Answer If the company has just one datacenter, you wont get to choose a secondary location. Dedicated servers start.00/month and go upto USD.00/month. They do not allow Fraud, Illegal use, Defamatory content, Harassment, Spam, Forgery etc. IT Itch : Promising site owners privacy, security, and reliability, IT Itch offers private domain registration and anonymous web hosting and email accounts. They provide only Dedicated servers, however unlike almost any other company on this list they also provide their servers for streaming purposes.

They allow everything which is legal under the Russian federation and everything which isnt is prohibited. But there are a number of legitimate use cases where removing identifying markers makes good sense. The company was established in 2015. Imgur is one of the webs most popular image hosting platforms. Its a company founded in 2012 and claims to be based out of three different secret locations. It provides all three server types, namely Shared, VPS and Dedicated.

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They accept both Fiats as well as cryptocurrency and have anonymity as one of their primary mottos. The anonymous hosting bitcoin host offers reseller packages for Windows, Windows VPS, and Linux hosting. Some simply want to share links to photos and funny gifs with friends via text and social media without having to create an image hosting account that can be traced back to their name. Secondly, check the T C of the companies to see if they store any logs and the amount of data and verification required while signing. Payments can be made through Paypal, WebMoney, PaySera, EasyPay, Credit Debit Cards, Privat24 and LiqPay. The AUP states that it allows only lawful content under Netherland laws. Houses its servers in 10 locations across the globe with over 2,000 users already using the service. To learn more about Hostingers plans, be sure to read our full review in the table below. The only types of content and activities not allowed are extremely illegal ones, Child Porn, Hacking, Scamming, etc. Payment can be made via Western Union, Credit/Debit cards, Perfect Money and also Bitcoin! Also hailing from The Netherlands, doesnt require any personal information to set up an account. HideMyHost Website: m/ With the tagline The Offshore Paradise for Anonymity it pretty much gives off the vibe most of youre seeking for here.

anonymous hosting bitcoin, view pricing chart, multi-domain search, bulk domain search. The content not anonymous hosting bitcoin allowed includes but not limited to Child Pornography, Spam, Virus, Warez, Trademark Infringement or anything illegal in any of the three countries. Payment can be done using Paypal or Credit/Debit cards. Website: m/ Orange Website is a company with servers based out of Reykjavik, Iceland! Servers start as low as EUR.00/month and go up to EUR 180.00/month.

Check out our full take on this package in the review below. Payment can be made in Fiats as well as Cryptocurrencies such as via Bitcoin, Paypal, Skrill, WebMoney, Payza, Bank Transfers etc. Warez Host Website: m/ Warez Host is an anonymous offshore hosting company which was founded in 2007 and hence has over 10 years of experience and has servers in the Netherlands, Russia as well as Bulgaria! It too is based out of Russia. We Support Our Customers 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year. 109/month, Rs 1790/month, and Rs 6600/month respectively. Monthly Starting Price.15 24/7/365 ticket and live chat support.9 network uptime guarantee, fREE domain, site builder, backups, and SSL certificate. They do provide shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers. Some specifically mentioned content which isnt allowed includes Adult files ( porn), warez, copyrighted content, online gambling portals, racial/discriminatory content etc.

Its based out of Sweden. Everything is allowed except Pirated Software, Animal harm, Phishing, Child Pornography, and viruses. Vpsgod Website: m/ vpsgod provides servers from Netherlands and.S.A and the company was established in 2009. HostALot Website: / HostAlot alike its name has a simplistic and basic web-page, it too is based out of Russia and was established in 2010. Theres a Hard VDS plan with more advanced configs which starts at 560RUB/month and goes upto 1860RUB/month.

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The lowest plan starts as low as EUR.00/month and goes upto EUR 290/month. LolekHosted Website: t One of the very few anonymous hosting companies which says We allow everything except Child Porn; hence by definition it should allow porn, hacking related sites, Deep/Dark web content and everything else. How to choose the best offshore hosting companies? Dedicated servers start from USD.00/month and go upto USD 260.00/month. . Support is impressive and despite the site being of Russian origin, the representatives do assist in English as well.

IronServers Website: Ironservers is a company established in 2005 which gives it nearly 13 years of experience today; it has datacenters in Chile and offers Shared and VPS servers. It provides both VPS, Virtual Dedicated servers as well as Shared servers. Shared servers start from EUR 500.00/year ( or EUR.00/month), VPS has a starting price of EUR 100.00/month, and Dedicated servers are sold cheapest at EUR 200.00/month. Payment can be made using Paypal, Bank Transfers, Alipay as well as Wire Transfers. Payment can be made via a number of credit/debit cards as well as Paypal. Dedicated servers have a starting price of USD 249. Website: m/ WebCare360 is one of the very few truly anonymous offshore hosting companies on this list because unlike most other companies here, Its tagline says dmca Ignore Hosting. As for payment methods they accept credit/debit cards via Paypal as well as Bitcoins ( via Coinbase). MasterHost Website: MasterHost claims to be one of the first Domain and hosting providers in Russia and was founded in 1999 which backs up their claim of being over 18years old. Datacenter locations include India, Saudi Arabia, Ukrain, Israel, Panama, Hongkong etc. The Mini VPS cant be ordered for a period less than3 months. Agencies, Anonymity offered during registration etc. It accepts Qiwi, SberBank, Credit/Debit cards, Yandex, WebMoney, Diners Club as well as EuroPay as the payment methods.

anonymous hosting bitcoin

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They provide everything from Shared, VPS to Dedicated servers. The only other option is Bank Transfer. As the name suggests it provides only VPS and the cheapest plan can be purchased for USD.99/month. The company doesnt allow content related to Hacking, spam, weapons, porn, pharmaceuticals or anything else illegal. Bitcoin is accepted along with Paypal, PerfectMoney, Credit/Debit Cards. MemVDS Website: m A public company which was established back in 2009 out of Russia provides only VDS servers as the name already suggests. Their speed test ( proof ) was impressive and I got a 142ms only Ping with a download speed.3mbps ( Extremely rare and more than what I almost ever get) and upload speed.5mbps. Their AUP has listed contents which include- Harassment, threatening, spam, copyrighted content, misleading information etc. Answer It really depends on the servers, a very few companies actually ignore dmca although youll find those which do at the very top of this list. They provide Cloud as well as Dedicated servers. Secondly, therell be a lot more freedom of speech and press.

They have pre-decided traffic allowance for each account, exceeding the limit by even 1Mb is treated equally as exceeding 1 GB and is charged at USD 1/extra. Their Acceptable Use Policy is quite harsh and restrictive which doesnt allow Hacking content, IRC, Bots, Lottery sites, Image Hosting, Child Porn, Hateful or Racist content, pirated content or basically any other illegal activity. Additionally, anything illegal under any law isnt allowed either and theyve specifically prohibited content related to Hacking, Tor exit relays, Phishing, DOS attempts, and spam. Melbicom Website: t/ Melbicom is a company with 3 datacenters across Russia, namely. Payment can anonymous hosting bitcoin be made in Cryptocurrencies via Bitpay, or in Fiats using Paypal or MobilPay.

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It provides Shared and Dedicated servers. Sign up for your web services with Shinjiru today! Introducing our new VPS package with nginx vesta. Their AUP says- legal content only hence anything illegal in Russia or Germany isnt allowed, porn specifically isnt allowed. . No AUP could be found, hence by default only legal content in Russia can be speculated to be allowed. Shared servers arent provided. Offshore Virtual Private Server Only the most powerful Dell hardware is used to ensure our BitCoin Servers superior performance. As for content, all content is subject only to Icelandic laws. Answer The most important anonymous hosting bitcoin question of all!

anonymous hosting bitcoin

Provides only VPS with the cheapest plan starting at USD.00/month. It provides shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers. This host prides itself on accepting Bitcoin as one of its many payment methods. Dedicated servers are comparatively higher as expected and start at USD.4/month and go upto USD 101.6/month. For user security, Shinjiru also provides custom Linux server hardening services and DDoS protection services. Only content which is legal in Ukraine is allowed to be hosted on the servers. The cheapest shared hosting plan costs USD.00/month while the most expensive dedicated server goes upto USD 598.50/month. Hoster Website: As the domain extension implies it too is an anonymous offshore hosting company based out of Russia which was founded in the year 2000. Users arent allowed to host content related to Child porn, spam, viruses, DDoS, anything thats illegal in Ukraine. Blazing Fast Website: BlazingFast was established in 2014 out of Ukraine. Shared servers start from EUR.00/month, cheapest VPS goes for EUR.00/month while Dedicated servers can be procured from EUR.00/month. Does OffShore Hosting effect Google Index, or Rankings? Sino Hosting Website: t/ Sino Hosting was found in 2007 out of Hong Kong, China and provides Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers.

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Has ever been fond of, and thats why users have started shifting more and more towards offshore hosting companies so that their native country-laws wouldnt apply to their sites and they can upload the kind and type of content they wish. It provides VPS as well as Dedicated servers. Fortunately, it does mention its AUP publicly which includes content related to Copyrights, Spam, Defamatory, Harassment, Viruses, Warez etc. Infact, it doesnt allow child porn, human /animal pain content, Pharmaceutical products, spam and hacking. See Reviews, read the full Hostinger review » Not only have we determined Hostinger to be the top choice for anonymous web hosting, weve also found it to give privacy-seeking site owners the best bang for their buck. We provision, protect and secure your offshore web hosting needs. Note that theres no one shape and size every Offshore hosting company confirms to, each has its own choices and needs, some do not care about dmca laws and let you upload copyrighted material but may be sceptical towards. Payment can be made only in fiat currencies using Paypal and Credit/Debit cards. They provide shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers. The first step was identifying the hosts that accept cryptocurrencies, like. They do not allow content related to Child Porn, Hacking, Viruses, Pirated content, defamatory, malicious scripts etc. Anonymous, offshore, hosting or Best, bitcoin, hosting services are on the rise for one very simple yet inevitable reason, the world is becoming more liberal and diverse, and so is the internet!