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View Prime Brokers already integrated to Currenex. Increased financial intelligence: Activity Report provides cumulative and breakout numbers of requests and completed transactions by counterparty. This award-winning solution helps you aggregate liquidity streams from more than 60 banks into an advanced electronic order management system where execution is followed by sophisticated trade settlement. In order to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of communication to our clients, all connections to Currenexs services are conducted across mutually authenticated 128-bit RC4 encrypted SSL sockets. Automating the order process improves trading efficiency and accuracy by eliminating errors (and potential disputes with counterparties saving time (no need for phone confirmation that an order has been filled) and streamlining the confirmation process. Twap Fixed Time. Excel based spreadsheet trading allows the ability to have live streaming executable prices and make real-time automated trading decisions. Currenex partnerships with leading systems vendors and in-house development teams facilitate integration with off-the-shelf, custom and proprietary systems to offer members complete STP solutions. Spot prices (in your chosen currency pairs) are displayed and refreshed in real-time, and users can trade multiple order types including Market, how to trade forex news pdf Limit, Stop, Reserves (Iceberg Hidden and Pegged with different expiry conditions.

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Market data is also available through FXtrades and includes pricing in more than 65 currency pairs. Leverage STP efficiencies across Money Market and Foreign Exchange asset classes for the most complete integration available. ESP (Executable Streaming Prices live, streaming, executable bids and offers are available for instant execution on our trading platform. Client-defined bank lists allow clients to direct their requests to multiple counterparties simultaneously. Once user accounts are established, ongoing maintenance is controlled by your own system administrator. Similarly, clients can restrict back office staff from performing front office functions without proper authorization. Control when and how to place trades for optimum efficiency and control. Currenex streaming options include: Currenex Classic UI designed for institutional traders with the expertise to trade quickly and efficiently best forex print on a wide range of currency pairs using a variety of order types, adaptable charting, and comprehensive accounting and position tracking. For instance, the iceberg and hidden order types allow a trader to place a large order without alerting the marketplace of the true size of their order. Instant access to all trade details and audit reports for viewing, printing, download or trade capture. Customisable User Interface: resize/hide individual components of the service. White Label Solutions Currenex delivers a complete end-to-end white labeled trading solution designed to help you increase your bottom line, maximize your operational efficiencies and manage your risks. The Currenex trading platform uses innovative, patented technology in order matching and liquidity aggregation.

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Clients can now build their own models in Excel using Microsoft Visual Basic. Forex prices I found (randomly chosen EU lab) are GBP 22-28 for 20x30cm. That does not seem to be much different. Multi-Bank Timed Price Request: Users request prices from multiple banks. And because Currenex is connected to more than 60 banks, integration with existing counterparties is easy. Currenexs technology leadership supports the continual development of innovative, client-focused solutions that meet your trading needs. One-click Request for Stream execution Perform post-trade actions, including rolls, amendments, allocations and settlement processes. They offer printing on paper of your choice and then mounting on Gator, Sintra, Dibond or unspecified foam core. Executable prices are presented for user to select by clicking on desired counterparty price OR by using Accept Selected" button to hit best price available. Furthermore, Currenex lets users split and roll trades across multiple accounts and dates with the ability to place orders.

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Instantaneous, user-defined reporting and position management is another advantage along with auditable trading records that meet management and fiduciary reporting requirements. The Currenex service is designed to ensure that there is no single point of failure in any system. Prime Broker and STP Integration Currenex provides prime brokers and STP partners with automated notification of fully matched give-up trades at no charge. Request prices from multiple banks. For customers Access to deeper liquidity and better prices Automatic execution on live, streamed prime broker bank prices; elimination of pre-transaction requests for" Accurate, automated give-up notification and confirmation Seamless, straight through clearing and settlement options For Prime. Trade Ticket displays all agreed financial details. Our suite of independent electronic trading solutions includes unique management tools, performance analytics, back-office reporting, flexible counterparty connectivity, integration services and one of the fastest electronic trade executions available.

Additionally, Currenex provides its partners a fully functional test environment for STP simulation. Money Manager Functionality This option lets you assign an individual money manager the ability to place orders and execute trades that are then allocated in a pre-defined proportion to one or more client accounts. Both centers employ strict on-site security controls, including 24/7 staffing, sensors, intrusion alarms, biometric scanning of technicians, and video surveillance systems. Additionally, IPS provides real-time statistical reporting on liquidity providers and trader positions. Execute FX Spots, Forwards and Swaps and Loans and Deposits with any counterparty, in any currency. A Submitter has the ability to upload Staged Orders (parent) to the Currenex platform but does not have the ability to submit orders to the Currenex marketplace for execution.

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Stream Prices to Traders With the Currenex White Label Solution you have a variety of options for streaming prices to your traders from an institutional-grade UI for professional investors to a more conventional application catering to the retail market. In order to achieve this, Currenex is focused on three key factors: Authentication confirming and identifying users Message integrity ensuring communications are not altered in any way Message privacy encrypting each message to maintain confidentiality Currenex employs a two-factor authentication. This service will act as a holding place for orders that arent yet marketable, such as legs of If Done or If Done OCO orders. Orders The Currenex service includes flexible, automated order functionality within both the RFQ (Request for Streaming"s) and ESP trading options. Recent ESP Order Enhancements, advanced Orders include conditional orders, execution algorithms and pegged orders. Various authentication and encryption options are also available. . 1, recommended 2 3. By maintaining mirrored systems and databases in different geographic regions of the US, Currenex ensures that members can continue trading and that their data is protected in the event a failure occurs. In order to keep our prices low, we offer standard quantities. Price Takers: Instant trading and execution 24-hour, liquid market and tight spreads Intuitive, flexible user interface; detachable, live snapshot of liquidity Trade Status Area to view order placement and execution notification offers unprecedented visual access to the status of pending. In my high end lab prices range approx from 17 (foam core, Gator, Sintra, museum rag) to 44 (Dibond, acrylic mount) for 11x14". Twap Fixed Slice. Currenex also provides a fully documented XML schema that describes customer trade flows for all supported transaction types.

FXintegrate Aut" API enables banks to connect to auto-pricing engines including Cognotec, to deliver auto and manual prices to their own customers for execution. Currenex provides FIX customers with a full integration environment which includes live market data. Vwap also provides the open, high, low and close for the top ten currency pairs. You can configure multiple streams and autodealing preferences within the Currenex platform through the following three UIs: Currenex Margin Risk Manager The Currenex Margin Risk Manager is a feature-rich, comprehensive margining system that provides you with control of risk. Prices shown are per one design. Data Center Security Currenex maintains a primary and secondary data center, each in geographically independent environments, managed by different service providers. Currenex remains active and committed to the FIX standard and is represented as the Co-Chair of the FIX Global Foreign Exchange Committee (gfxc).