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Looking at that, its easy to see that the value of Bitcoin could easily go up or down at any time. We urge caution moving forward as Bitcoin goes exponential. The Dow only dropped 4,000! And see, look at that, the Dow is already rising again! Facebook may come out ahead if the WhatsApp acquisition was a good idea. Likewise, Facebook also has to make big moves (like buying WhatsApp) in order to make sure they keep their edge. It will print massive amounts of money and give it to rich bankers. So, expect most assets to decline in real value, even if their nominal value increases or stays the same. If you fully understand the difference, it will save you a lot of headaches in your financial life). If so, those that held onto their Facebook shares will be very happy indeed.

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They dont give a shit about the real value of your dollars. The similarities dont end there, however. Theres just one exception to this: gold. The value of a single Bitcoin is perhaps more volatile, though. There are some who have very dark views of the near future of the US economy; much darker than mine. The stock market will say its worth 16,000, but its actually worth much less than that in US dollars, since there are now more dollars in circulation. This is why Bitcoin is only as valuable as the people in the network make.

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But in real dollars, its now worth 150,000, because the monetary investment value of the real estate, measured in dollars, is worth less. Is Facebook like Bitcoin? That means the value of gold goes up when the US government prints piles of money. Now re-elect us, you idiots! After that many are created, no more will be produced. Wed like to know what you think, so if you have a moment, leave a comment and let us know if youd rather be paid in Facebook stock or Bitcoin if those were the only two options available for one reason or another.

While not legal tender, Facebook stock actually has a value that can fluctuate depending on a number of circumstances. Gold Standard, drawing its value from supply and demand rather than its relationship with equal amounts of gold. This might not prevent the stock market (or bond market, or real estate market, or whatever) from going down somewhat, but it will prevent an all-out collapse. But in real life, based on the real purchasing power of your newly less valuable dollars, its only worth 150,000. Growth Difference, while the gold value rise bitcoin vs dollar value was triggered by a removal from its US dollar relationship, Bitcoin has been inflated by something new - a decentralised data network. This would, of course, highly devalue all that Facebook stock. A huge real estate collapse occurs, and the Fed prints trillions of dollars to avoid. This wont happen, and heres why: the US government wont let it happen. Therefore, the government is only concerned about nominal dollars. As long as Trump can point to a 20,000 Dow stock market and brag about it, thats all he cares about.

For example, if a huge stock market crash is imminent, or appears imminent, the US government will do what it always does. With the problems that Bitcoin has had with security, this isnt an impossibility. If you havent heard, Facebook bought WhatsApp. They just bought a company that has no proven track record when it comes to revenue. For Bitcoin, this would be a bigger and better virtual currency network.

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This is going to get much worse. While its a risky gamble, perhaps, the payoffs are huge. 115, 101 6 St SW, Calgary, Canada, T2P 5K7 403.218.6125, let's talk. Bitcoins data-currency, or digital currency, has experienced an exponential rise due to its decentralised nature, anyone can buy it from anywhere in the world, the fees are low, and the transfers are fast and transparent through the Blockchain. With the removal of the Gold Standard, the value of gold experienced an exponential rise, growing from around 35 to nearly 850 (USD) in under a decade - an increase 2330. On the other hand, Facebook can (and has) increased the number of shares they have in their company, thereby diluting the value of the stock a little. This could turn out to be a huge problem if Facebook adds too many shares to the pile.

However, this prevention will cause other, deeper problems for bitcoin vs dollar value you and. Trump, or whoever else is president when this happens, will then come out and brag that he/she saved you from a huge collapse. The same holds true for Facebook stock. The more dollars in circulation, the lower the value of those dollars become. For example, while a restaurant here and there may accept it for payments for food, the thousands of McDonalds around the country and world do not. Heres a hypothetical example to illustrate how this works. Subscribe, social media, contact US, ste.

The closer you look, the more youre going to see that Facebook stock is a lot like the value of Bitcoin stock. The fact its not worth anything near that in real dollars is meaningless to him, because he knows its meaningless to 95 of Americans. Heres a" from that NY Times blog post that is filled with facts and interesting: The fundamental value of Bitcoin is incredibly tricky to pin down. Yet at the same time, the Facebook stock (worth around 15 billion now) may not be worth as much in a few months, weeks or even days. We, your benevolent overlords, Have Saved You. According to an article on a New York Times blog, the similarities are really close. The value of the dollar is likely to decline this year, since. Moreover, there is another substantial aspect to review behind the scenes of cryptocurrency, a revolutionary new platform. In a slowly collapsing economy like we have, a weak dollar fucks up your life, but bitcoin vs dollar value makes Trump look great. Bitcoin is also not yet universally accepted as something of value.

The same holds true for the value of bitcoins on various bitcoin vs dollar value exchanges around the world. Bottom Line, the exponential rise of gold in the 70's led to a correction of greater than. Every million or multi-million shares they inject into the picture, the value of them all goes down. Investments, the Rise, uS currency became, fiat Money once taken off the. (Nitpickers, please dont nitpick my above hypothetical numbers; Im just being hypothetical for illustration.). If the stock market is at 20,000 (Dow and the US government (and/or the Federal Reserve) see it suddenly dropping to 10,000, theyll print trillions of dollars, give it to the elites, who will then funnel it to other elites. Blockchain Technology is the future, as it governs how digital currencies will be used, traded and tracked, including its numerous other uses.

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When the dust settles, your house is still worth 200,000, in nominal dollars. Bitcoin, however, is only currency, which means it is entirely lacking intrinsic value. This may seem like no big deal, especially looking at the parallels between. Bitcoin and fiat currency, but if we shift the discussion to investment. Pros and cons of bitcoin vs dollar value investing in Bitcoin, make a reliable long-term investment. Understand the difference of tangible Gold versus cryptocurrencies. Buy tangible Gold online from Apmex. Fuerst Ittleman is located in Miami and represents both domestic and foreign clients before the governmental and international agencies that regulate and influence international commerce and in the Federal and State courts that adjudicate. While, bitcoin and Ethereum are often pitted against each other as competitors, they are more so allies in the fight for decentralization. Deciphering cryptocurrencies like, bitcoin, and wondering what the future will hold for transactions in our increasingly networked world.

18, fitted to the CD4T and CD5T constant depression carburettors. Because of this, it is possible to improve the long-term holding strategy somewhat by using cost averaging the practice of buying a fixed dollar amount of a particular investment on a regular schedule. Futures-backed crypto ETFs: This does not trade on actual cryptocurrency but on the cryptocurrency futures contract, an agreement that sets a fixed date and price for selling or buying an asset. Media access control address. But, it is also a protocol, a network with a ledger of balance that handles and controls the token. However, trading your cryptocurrency as an ETF takes away this need.