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James Joseph „Whitey“ Bulger war ein verhafteter US-amerikanischer Verbrecher. Er stand ab als chronologisch Person auf der Liste der zehn meistgesuchten Flüchtigen des FBI. Auf seine Ergreifung waren 2 Mio. US-Dollar ausgesetzt. James Joseph „Whitey“ Bulger (* 3. September in Boston, Massachusetts; † Oktober in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia) war ein verhafteter. James Bulger ist der Name folgender Personen: James J. Bulger (–), US-amerikanischer Verbrecher; James Patrick Bulger (–), britisches. James J. Bulger. Bulger - Polizeifoto von James Bulger vom März Washington. US-Gangsterboss James „Whitey” Bulger im Gefängnis gestorben. Mit Unterstützung des FBI stieg James "Whitey" Bulger zum Paten von Boston auf​, räumte unbehelligt Rivalen und Zeugen aus dem Weg.

James J Bulger

James J. „Whitey“ Bulger lebte im kalifornischen Santa Monica unter dem Namen Charles Gasko in einer Quadratmeter-Wohnung bis dahin. Mit Unterstützung des FBI stieg James "Whitey" Bulger zum Paten von Boston auf​, räumte unbehelligt Rivalen und Zeugen aus dem Weg. Wiktionary. Keine direkten Treffer. Wikipedia-Links. James Bulger · 3. September · Boston · Vereinigte Staaten · FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives · Mord. Fotografie-Tipps für Anfänger Diese Spiegelreflexkameras eignen sich für Einsteiger und das können sie. Suche öffnen Icon: Suche. How two brothers can turn out so differently yet never lose the love for each other is touching. Paypal Alter BestГ¤tigen ereilte das Schicksal, das viele Rocket League Ligasystem Opfer und die Opfer seiner Mordkumpane erlitten. Jetzt wurde der Mafia-Boss im Gefängnis tot aufgefunden - unter mysteriösen Umständen. Bei Amazon verkaufen. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Bayern Videotext kontrollierte illegales Glücksspiel und den Drogenhandel in der Stadt, war Kredithai KГ¶tzingen Erpresser.

In January , Bulger joined the Air Force for nearly four years. Despite being arrested for robbery, rape, desertion AWOL , and grand larceny, he was never sentenced and instead was honorably discharged from the Air Force in August Upon his return from the Air Force, Bulger resumed his criminal behaviors, robbing freight trains and selling the contents on the street.

Eventually, he connected with Carl Smith, an Indiana bank robber, with whom he stole tens of thousands of dollars from banks across the United States.

Despite dying his hair in an attempt to avoid recognition, Bulger was arrested in a Boston nightclub for armed robbery of the various banks.

He willingly named his associates, including Smith, in exchange for leniency. Regardless of this cooperation, he was sentenced to 20 years in a federal penitentiary.

He was transferred three times before being granted parole in after serving nine years. Bulger returned to find Boston in the midst of a gang war.

He began working for the Kileen Brothers, then turned on the Kileen gang and began to side with the Mullen Gang, then finally joined the Winter Hill Gang with his close partner Steve Flemmi.

The two gangsters became informants for the FBI, whose main objective was taking down the Italian Mafia. With the protection of the FBI, Bulger began to put out hits on long-standing enemies, knowing that he could easily mislead his handler by pointing to someone else as the perpetrator.

Though she was officially reported missing, the FBI allegedly covered this up and reported that she was seen alive in Texas.

During this period in the s, they became involved in arms trafficking, further racketeering, and extortion of drug dealers, among other things. He was especially involved in supporting the Irish Republican Army by sending caches of arms and ammunition to the Irish terrorist organization.

In , the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Boston Police began investigating Bulger and his associates for gambling charges not any of the murders.

Connolly, who had since retired, warned Bulger about the impending arrest. Bulger fled Boston in December Flemmi refused to flee and was imprisoned, but cooperated with the authorities understanding that he was protected as an FBI informant as long as he did not admit to any murders.

John Martorano and Kevin Weeks provided most of the information which also led to the realization that the FBI had been instrumental in covering up many of the murders.

A year later, he was charged for racketeering and second degree murder, since the information he provided the two men led to their decision to kill the two men whom were under investigation for ties to the Winter Hill Gang.

He was given a 10 year federal sentence and 40 year state sentence. During this period, Bulger was still at large with his girlfriend Catherine Greig.

For 16 years, he moved around the U. Bulger was ultimately convicted of 31 counts of racketeering, after he pled not guilty to Of these counts he was also charged for 11 out of the 19 murders that he was indicted for.

Later that night, one of the women saw the news that Bulger was missing. She phoned the police and expressed regret for not doing something.

Not long after the elderly woman sent the boys on their way, Bulger was almost rescued yet again.

A woman concerned for the toddler told Venables and Thompson that she would take the child to the police station herself.

But when she asked another woman nearby to look after her daughter while she did so, that woman refused because her dog did not like children.

And so Bulger slipped away from safety once again. Venables, Thompson, and Bulger then walked into two different stores where they interacted with both shopkeepers who, though suspicious of the older boys, let them go.

Then Venables and Thompson came upon two older boys that they knew. Then they arrived at the railway. The boys hesitated, perhaps reconsidering what they were about to do, and did briefly turn away from the embankment.

But then Jon Venables and Robert Thompson turned back toward the privacy of the deserted railway. The brutal torture and murder of James Bulger occurred sometime between and p.

PA Images via Getty Images A policeman stands guard at the entrance of the site where the body of James Bulger was found on a railway embankment in Liverpool.

They then kicked him, pummelled him with bricks and stones, and stuffed batteries into his mouth. Finally, the boys hit Bulger over the head with a pound iron bar, which resulted in 10 skull fractures.

All in all, Bulger sustained 42 injuries to his face, head, and body. He was so badly battered, authorities later concluded, that there was no way to tell which injury represented the fatal blow.

The next day, police searched the canal where the boys had been earlier in the afternoon because an eyewitness had reported seeing Bulger there.

Other searches were conducted elsewhere, all leading to nothing. But when the police eventually saw the CCTV footage from the shopping mall, they could not believe their eyes.

Despite the fuzzy footage, it was two small boys that could be seen leading James Bulger identified from the description of his clothing provided by his mother to the exit.

Once those CCTV images were released to the media, the story went nationwide and the search for Bulger intensified. The stolen tin of blue paint was found nearby.

This caused various children to be identified as potential killers, with some parents even reporting their own kids. But it was ultimately an anonymous phone call to the police that implicated Jon Venables and Robert Thompson as the James Bulger killers.

Both boys were then arrested as the James Bulger killers. Police were focused on other children who already had violent records, and they remained convinced that the two boys from the fuzzy CCTV footage looked 13 or 14, not But during separate police interviews, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson turned on each other.

Over the course of interviews lasting several days, Venables eventually confessed. Thompson, on the other hand, was not such an easy interview.

Venables and Thompson were both charged as the but because they were minors, their identities were withheld from the public.

Nine months later, the trial began. Outside the courthouse, people called for the blood of the James Bulger killers.

Motive aside, both Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were convicted of the James Bulger murder, making them the youngest to be convicted of that crime in Britain in years.

As the jury foreman read the verdict, Venables and Thompson were sitting in an adult court dock that had been altered so that the boys could see over it.

This indefinite sentence has no maximum but does have a minimum to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

In this case, it was just eight years, at which time the boys would be By all accounts, Venables and Thompson showed no violent or aberrant behavior in prison but instead served their time for the James Bulger murder quietly and without incident.

June 24, Upon their release, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were given new identities and granted legal anonymity for life due to the public fury that surrounded their trial and the danger of citizens hunting down the infamous James Bulger killers in order to take vengeance.

To date, no significant attempts at vengeance have been made. Today, while Thompson is believed to be assimilating back into society and living a quiet life, the same cannot be said of Venables.

In , he was imprisoned for downloading images depicting various kinds of sexual abuse being inflicted upon male toddlers. Nevertheless, Venables was released.

But in Nov. Jon Venables was sentenced to three years and four months in prison, not far from half the amount of time he served for joining Robert Thompson in perpetrating the murder of James Bulger a quarter century before.

Then, read up on the most horrific child murderers. Finally, discover the story of Mary Bell, the year-old who killed toddlers and got off light.

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Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Boston , city, capital of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and seat of Suffolk county, in the northeastern United States.

It lies on Massachusetts Bay, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean. The city proper has an unusually small area for a major city, and more than one-fourth of the total—including part of….

For 16 years, he moved around the U. Bulger was ultimately convicted of 31 counts of racketeering, after he pled not guilty to Of these counts he was also charged for 11 out of the 19 murders that he was indicted for.

On November 23, , Bulger was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 5 more years. He has also been indicted in Oklahoma and Florida, but the two states have yet to pursue a trial which could end in the death penalty.

The next morning, he was killed by multiple inmates at the penitentiary. Although Bulger made claims that he was never an FBI informant, a litany of witness testimony and other evidence contradicts these assertions.

Because of his association with the FBI, Bulger lost much of his prestige within crime circles and is sometimes referred to as the "King Rat.

Share Flipboard Email. Government U. Foreign Policy U. Liberal Politics U. Brionne Frazier. Politics Expert. Brionne Frazier is a history and politics writer specializing in international security and society.

She has covered topics including nuclear policy, organized crime, and climate policy. Updated November 05, David was found shot dead on Cape Cod, a death characterized as a suicide.

Greig met Bulger in her late 20s, after she divorced Bobby McGonagle. She worked as a dental hygienist.

Greig had been wanted by the FBI since Greig initially indicated that she would go to trial rather than accept a plea bargain. On June 12, , she was sentenced to eight years in federal prison.

She declined to speak during her sentencing. In September , Greig was indicted on a charge of criminal contempt stemming from her refusal to testify before a grand jury about whether other people aided Bulger while he was a fugitive.

District Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV sentenced Greig, then midway through her sentence for harboring Bulger, to 21 months on the contempt charge, pushing her release date to late Greig has served much of her eight-year sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution, Waseca in Minnesota , [87] but has also been detained at various points in Rhode Island ahead of proceedings in the criminal contempt case.

Greig completed her sentence on July 23, , and has been released from home confinement and electronic monitoring. According to an excerpt of a book on Bulger, published by Boston magazine , Bulger only made one friend during his post-sentencing detention.

According to Janis, Bulger was attacked by a fellow convict nicknamed "Retro", whose knife pierced Bulger neck and skull, and sent him to the prison infirmary for a month.

Bulger was able to start counseling with a prison psychologist, at the Tucson facility. At Coleman, Bulger started to have night terrors, which he attributed to the s experiments where he had been administered LSD.

While napping in the exercise yard another convict started to steal his shoes. Casper on 32 counts of racketeering and firearms possession. They also reported themselves unable to agree about the murder of Deborah Davis, though Bulger had already been found liable for her death in a civil suit.

Carney Jr. On November 14, , Bulger was sentenced to two terms of life imprisonment , plus five years.

Casper told Bulger that such a sentence was necessary given his "unfathomable" crimes, some of which inflicted "agonizing" suffering on his victims.

His health also declined due to a lack of exercise. Bulger was in a wheelchair and had been beaten to death by multiple inmates armed with a sock-wrapped padlock and a shiv.

His eyes had nearly been gouged out and his tongue almost cut off; [99] [] [] a law enforcement official described Bulger as "unrecognizable". Family members, including his brother, former Massachusetts state Senate president William M.

Bulger , and the twin sister of Catherine Greig attended. Bulger is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in the Boston Neighborhood of West Roxbury under the Bulger family headstone inscribed with the names of his parents.

There is simply no other explanation for the transfer of someone in his condition and inmate status to be placed in the general population of one of the country's most violent federal penitentiaries.

Bulger born William Bulger served in the military during the Korean War but was never posted to Korea. He was formerly an influential leader of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts.

In a long political career, William rose to become President of the Massachusetts Senate. After his retirement he was appointed President of the University of Massachusetts system.

In December , William Bulger appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and refused to testify, citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

I do not know where he has been over the past eight years. I have not aided James Bulger in any way while he has been a fugitive. Few people probably did.

By definition, his was a secretive life. His actions were covert, hidden even from—or perhaps hidden especially from those who loved and cared about him.

The subject that interests so many, the life and the activities of my brother James is painful and difficult for me. John "Jackie" Bulger, a retired Massachusetts court clerk magistrate , was convicted in April of committing perjury in front of two grand juries regarding sworn statements he gave concerning contacts with his fugitive brother.

Bulger fathered one child, Douglas Glenn Cyr — , during a year relationship with Lindsey Cyr, a waitress and former fashion model living in North Weymouth, Massachusetts.

And we all made him vulnerable. An absolute nightmare, and it was very difficult for Jimmy because, no matter what, there was nothing that could save this.

Money didn't matter, his power didn't matter. I remember that we were walking out of the hospital the night that he died, and he was holding my hand.

And Jimmy said, "I'm never going to hurt like this again. After Bulger's arrest, Cyr announced her support of him, [] stating:.

If he wanted to see me, I'd be happy to. If he needs help getting attorneys and what have you, I'd be happy to help him.

Part of me does [still love him]. I still care for him. I would always help him. I certainly always stand by him. He is the father of my child.

He is 12 years of my life. I want to see him well protected. And I'm not particularly sympathetic to some of the people involved, some of the victims' families.

However, he was repeatedly unfaithful to her with a host of other women, and was often absent while overseeing the running of his organization.

In a interview Stanley stated that she was planning to publish her memoirs; [39] however, she died of lung cancer in at the age of Most of the time, The Boston Globe wasn't as inaccurate as the Herald.

They just knocked the people from Southie during busing. They also liked to describe me as, 'Whitey's surrogate son', another example of the media putting labels on people they wrote about.

Jimmy and I were friends, not like father and son. Even though he was the boss, he always treated me equally, like an associate, not a son.

The reporter who seemed to do the most research and put real effort into getting the true story without having been there was Shelley Murphy, who had been at the Herald for ten years when she went to work for the Globe in But Jimmy and I usually ended up laughing at most of the news stories, as time and time again the media had it wrong, over and over again holding to their pledge to never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

According to Weeks' memoirs, in Boston Herald reporter Paul Corsetti began researching an article about Louis Litif 's murder and Bulger's suspected involvement.

After reporting the story for several days, Corsetti was approached by a man who said, "I'm Jim Bulger and if you continue to write shit about me, I'm going to blow your fucking head off.

He was issued a pistol permit within 24 hours. The cop who gave him the permit told him, 'I'm glad my last name is not Corsetti. In his memoirs, Kevin Weeks related his participation in an attempt to assassinate reporter Howie Carr at his house in suburban Acton.

Weeks stated that Carr was targeted because he was "writing nasty stories about people, he was an oxygen thief who didn't deserve to breathe. Weeks stated that, although several plans were considered, all were abandoned because there was too much risk of injuring Carr's wife and children.

The plans climaxed with Weeks' own attempt to shoot Carr with a sniper rifle as he came out of his house.

However, when Carr came out the front door holding the hand of his young daughter, Weeks could not bring himself to shoot. He wanted another opportunity to "finish the job," but Bulger advised him to forget about Howie Carr.

But in the long run, Jimmy and I got sidetracked and the maggot lived. Still, I wish I'd killed him. No question about it.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James "Whitey" Bulger Bulger's mugshot. Further information: Winter Hill Gang.

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New York: Grand Central Publishing. July 27, Retrieved August 16, Fox News. January 14, Harper Collins. The American Conservative.

New York: Times Books. Boston, MA. At one point, Whitey wrote that he developed a ' morbid fear of LSD ' and felt if he had any more of it, ' it would push me over the edge.

In , while a prisoner at the Atlanta penitentiary, I was recruited by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer of Emory University to join a medical project that was researching a cure for schizophrenia.

For our participation, we would receive three days of good time for each month on the project. Retrieved September 22, Archived from the original on September 23, Retrieved August 17, Seelye August 23, New York: W.

United States". October 6, New York Times. Archived from the original on June 10, Similar coercion, just about everyone figured, accounted for Whitey's lottery score.

Chapter and Verse blog. The Christian Science Monitor. The San Diego Union-Tribune. Associated Press. Sweet and Dave Wedge, "Calif.

Retrieved June 23, The Daily Telegraph. The Seattle Times. September 3, Archived from the original on July 20, Retrieved September 3, Bulger, the former head of the notorious Winter Hill Gang and an FBI informant, fled in January , after being tipped by a former Boston FBI agent that he was about to be indicted on federal racketeering charges.

He was later charged in connection with 19 murders. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Archived from the original on August 7,

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How the FBI caught \ James J Bulger James J. „Whitey“ Bulger lebte im kalifornischen Santa Monica unter dem Namen Charles Gasko in einer Quadratmeter-Wohnung bis dahin. Jetzt wurde der Mafia-Boss James "Whitey" Bulger im Gefängnis tot In den 70er und 80er Jahren stieg James J. "Whitey" Bulger in Boston an. Wiktionary. Keine direkten Treffer. Wikipedia-Links. James Bulger · 3. September · Boston · Vereinigte Staaten · FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives · Mord. rijkswega12.nl - Kaufen Sie Whitey: United States of America V James J Bulger günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. "WHITEY: United States of America v. James J. Bulger" is a sweeping, dramatic and revelatory film that follows the trial of the infamous gangster James "Whitey". The San Diego Union-Tribune. Authorities received a tip from a woman in Iceland Beste Spielothek in Gaunkofen finden Bulger was living in a Santa Monica, California, apartment near a beach. For the American organised crime figure, see Whitey Bulger. United States of America". I listened to all that, but now I understood that even though he was retired, Connolly was still getting information, as well as money, from Jimmy. Bulger Indianerstamm to sanction this, but Litif vowed to kill him Beste Spielothek in Marbach an der Lauter finden. InHowie Winter was arrested, along with many members of his inner circle, on charges of fixing horse races. Download as PDF Printable Meghan Markle Wiki. Bulger has been featured on the television show America's Most Wanted 16 times, firstly inand finally on October 2,

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Bulger wurde mehrmals in andere Gefängnisse verlegt, weil der Staat offenbar eine Gefahr für sein Leben in Haft sah. Offensichtlich macht die Globalisierung auch vor dem organisierten Verbrechen keinen Halt. Bulgers Anwalt deutete an, dass der berüchtigte Mafia-Boss unter Mitwirkung der US-Gefängnisbehörde regelrecht hingerichtet worden sei. Über Antworten würde ich mich freuen. Nachdem er von einem später festgenommenen FBI-Agenten gewarnt worden war, dass gegen ihn ermittelt werde, setzte sich Bulger zusammen mit seiner Freundin Catherine Greig, die ebenfalls von der US-Justiz gesucht wurde, ab. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel.

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