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Die Warriors bekamen derweil von der Dreierlinie nichts geschenkt, Stephen Curry blieb fast elf Minuten ohne Wurf, dafür sprang Klay Thompson. Die NBA Finals zwischen den Golden State Warriors und den Toronto Raptors begeistert die Sport-Fans. Die Stars auf dem Basketballcourt werden für das. Die Toronto Raptors und die Golden State Warriors spielen den Champion aus. Vor Spiel 1 bietet rijkswega12.nl Wissenswertes rund um diese NBA Finals. Die Toronto Raptors gewinnen auch das zweite Spiel bei den Warriors. Kawhi Leonard zieht den Dubs den Zahn. Diese glauben aber noch an. In den NBA-Finals trifft Dauergast Golden State Warriors auf Neuling Toronto Raptors. SPORT1 vergleicht die beiden Teams im Head-to-Head.

Raptors Warriors

Die Toronto Raptors holen den NBA-Titel und lösen in Kanada eine bislang unbekannte Basketball-Euphorie aus. Die Toronto Raptors und die Golden State Warriors spielen den Champion aus. Vor Spiel 1 bietet rijkswega12.nl Wissenswertes rund um diese NBA Finals. Die Toronto Raptors schreiben NBA-Geschichte. Im sechsten Finalspiel feiern die Kanadier einen Erfolg gegen die Golden State.

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Toronto Raptors. Toronto Raptors Reg. Season Summary. Green -GSW Leonard -TOR Siakam -TOR 9.

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Pascal Siakam. No one can be too sure of anything that's going to happen this summer, but the odds are against the Warriors looking like this again.

Few in the league expect Durant to return. Thompson is widely expected to re-sign with a max deal on July 1, but there's always the chance those plans could be derailed.

Green will be looking for an extension -- what happens if one doesn't come his way? Iguodala and Shaun Livingston will be in the final years of their deals, making their futures tenuous.

All of those variables could break Golden State's way and this same group could be back again for a sixth straight Finals run next season.

But the chances aren't too high. This probably will be a controversial opinion, so bear with me for a moment.

Though Leonard would come in second behind LeBron James on the list of toughest players the Warriors have faced in a playoff series since Durant arrived in the Bay yes, he'd be ahead of James Harden , the Raptors have surrounded him with a far deeper team than the ones James had in his past two Finals runs.

Toronto's starting lineup features five all-defense-level players Leonard, Kyle Lowry , Danny Green , Pascal Siakam and Marc Gasol , and the bench pieces finally rounded into form against the Bucks.

This is a deep, versatile roster that can play any style it needs. Leonard is the kind of cold-blooded star required to take on a team as talented as Golden State.

The Warriors have lost one game combined in their past two Finals trips. They will lose at least two this time around.

This is the culmination of a plan the Raptors put into place last summer. Instead, the Raptors wanted to make it to the Finals for the first time and truly compete for a championship.

Mission accomplished. It wasn't easy. It took everything Toronto had -- including a miraculous series of bounces on the rim after the buzzer sounded in Game 7 -- to beat the Philadelphia 76ers.

Then the Raptors proceeded to lose the first two games of the Bucks series, leading many to write them off.

Four consecutive victories later, Toronto finds itself here, becoming the first non-U. Leonard is the best player in the playoffs. How is he doing this after missing most of last season?

The Raptors didn't bow to the pressures of public opinion or derision toward the words "load management" as Leonard missed 22 regular-season games.

They allowed Leonard -- in coordination with director of sports science Alex McKechnie -- to chart a course that helped him make it through the regular season healthy, arriving in the postseason ready to perform at peak level.

He certainly has done that repeatedly over the past six weeks. Leonard has put up one sublime game after another since the playoffs began , clearly playing better than anyone else in this postseason and making everyone remember just how good he was with the San Antonio Spurs before losing all but nine games of the season to tendinopathy in his left quad.

Now he has as many as seven games remaining to try to lift the Raptors yet another rung higher. If he's able to do that, this will go down as one of the greatest individual postseason runs in NBA history.

About as well as a team can. Leonard is the kind of talent good enough to go toe-to-toe with anyone, and the Raptors are capable of creating lots of open looks from 3-point range.

Golden State presents a singular matchup challenge for anyone -- with or without Durant. The Warriors have reminded the world of just how dangerous they are over the past couple of weeks while Durant has been sidelined.

They'll need to stay at the focus and intensity level to take down Toronto. That entirely depends on what happens with Leonard, who is a free agent this summer.

If he re-signs with Toronto, the Raptors will have every chance to get back to the Finals. The only other free agent in Toronto's rotation is Green, and the Raptors probably will be able to bring him back if Leonard returns.

Siakam should take another step forward, and Toronto can expect to get more from OG Anunoby , who has sat out the playoffs after an emergency appendectomy.

With the same group, the Raptors could easily repeat as East champions. If Leonard leaves, though, this team could look very different.

Toronto probably would avoid spending big money on Green if Leonard doesn't return. The team would instead be retooled in the coming years around Siakam and maybe Anunoby.

Masai Ujiri, Raptors president of basketball operations, got creative to build this championship contender, and if Leonard leaves he'll have to get creative to build Toronto's next one.

Quite a bit. Over the past 25 years, the sport has exploded in popularity in Canada, and specifically in Toronto, which has become a hotbed of basketball activity and talent.

There were 11 players on NBA rosters from Canada at the start of this season, with several more -- led by RJ Barrett , a projected top-three pick -- on the way next season.

The Canadian national team is also expected to contend for a medal at this year's World Championships and at next year's Olympics.

All of that can be tied back to the Raptors coming into existence in and slowly becoming a consistent playoff threat over the past several years.

Toronto reaching the NBA Finals -- and possibly winning a championship -- would only increase the interest in the sport in the country.

Remember, Toronto is one of the five largest cities in North America.

Skip to navigation. Golden State Warriors. This is a deep, versatile roster Hotmaiil can play any style it needs. Then the Raptors proceeded to lose the first two games of the Bucks series, leading many to write them off. May 26, This Week in Sports Reference Find out when we add a feature or make a change. Raptors Warriors

Raptors Warriors - Warriors warten und hoffen auf Kevin Durant

Mögen in vielen Regionen des Landes die Fans eine Hassliebe mit Toronto pflegen, wenn es um Eishockey geht — im Basketball sah es jetzt ganz anders aus. Bosas Vertrag im Detail. Die Warriors verloren alle Heimspiele in der Finalserie und verabschiedeten sich mit einer Enttäuschung aus Oakland. Bundesliga Baustelle Tor: Wer ist wo die Nummer 1? Unter dem Glanz eines Feuerwerks strömten die Fans in die Stadt, blockierten im Zentrum Hauptverkehrsadern und kletterten auf Verkehrsampeln. Detroit Lions. Der Superstar war zwar mit nach Toronto gereist, kam aber wegen seiner Wadenverletzung nicht zum Einsatz.

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RAPTORS vs WARRIORS - Kyle Lowry Leads Toronto in The Bay - December 12, 2018 Die Toronto Raptors haben am Donnerstag den Titelverteidiger Golden State Warriors beim NBA-Finale besiegt. Das kanadische Team ist zum. Die Toronto Raptors holen den NBA-Titel und lösen in Kanada eine bislang unbekannte Basketball-Euphorie aus. Warriors warten und hoffen auf Kevin Durant. Neben ihm konnten sich die Raptors auch auf Allstar Kawhi Leonard verlassen. Trotz einer. Bilanz Golden State Warriors - Toronto Raptors (NBA Playoffs, The Finals). Die Toronto Raptors schreiben NBA-Geschichte. Im sechsten Finalspiel feiern die Kanadier einen Erfolg gegen die Golden State. Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Washington Football Team. In den vergangenen fünf Jahren hatten es die Raptors zwar immer in die Playoffs geschafft, sie waren aber nie so weit gekommen wie jetzt. Im hochklassigen sechsten Duell begegneten sich beide Mannschaften Formel 1 2020 Live mehr auf Augenhöhe. Nächster Trainerwechsel bei Kerber: Beltz ersetzt Kindlmann. Cleveland Browns. Bundesliga VfB: Mislintat mit Transfers "sehr zufrieden". Chicago Bears. Tennis Zverev gewinnt Showturnier in Nizza min. Bundesliga Bochums Blum positiv auf Corona getestet. News Ip Canger NBA Union Berlin. Diese glauben aber noch an die Aufholjagd. Indianapolis Colts. Bundesliga VfB: Mislintat mit Transfers "sehr zufrieden". Denver Broncos. Schröders Thunder starten stark. Chicago Bears. Zehn Sekunden vor Schluss stand es für die Raptors. Überraschend war auch Center Kevon Looney wieder mit Beste Spielothek in HГ¶rlkofen finden, der in Spiel zwei mit einer Brustverletzung bereits für den Rest der Serie auszufallen schien. Bayer Leverkusen. Werder Bremen. Quelle: "sportrac". Dabei entstand unter dem Auge des Raptors-Spielers ein Cut - der stark blutete - und er verlor einen Zahn, der noch auf dem Spielfeld lag, Spiele Egypt Spin - Video Slots Online van Vleet bereits in der Kabine war.

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